Slip into ultimate comfort and cool with Trust’s latest range of gaming chairs

A new generation of durable chairs, the GXT 703 Riye and GXT 714 Ruya support gamers in style on their adventures

Leading digital lifestyle accessories brand, Trust Electronics Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest gaming chairs, the GXT 703 Riye and GXT 714 Ruya. Both comfortable and stylish, they are built to be durable and breathable to support gamers for long periods of time. With each chair available in various colours with slightly different features and style, there will be an option to fit into any gaming setup. The Trust GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair is available for RRP £129.99 from Very and the GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair is available for RRP £199.99 from Very.

Slip into ultimate comfort and cool with Trust’s latest range of gaming chairs
Slip into ultimate comfort and cool with Trust’s latest range of gaming chairs

Long gaming sessions require chairs that are just as much up to the challenge as the gamers who sit in them. With the launch of the Riye and Ruya Gaming Chairs, Trust unleashes a new generation of comfortable, stylish and durable chairs to support players on all gaming adventures.

With totally new designs, the Riye and the Ruya both represent a stylish shift towards the future for Trust’s line of gaming chairs. Specifically created with comfort and durability in mind, both consist of breathable fabric to keep gamers feeling fresh on even the hottest of days, along with durable PU leather and high-density foam that enable players to sink into unbeatable comfort for as long as they need.

Each chair has its own special features too: futuristic and predatory, the Riye allows gamers to fully express their personality with its sleek and stylish design. Height adjustable, it allows players to rise to new heights, and even has flip-arm armrests that offer support when needed and freedom of movement when not.

Alternatively, the Ruya’s clean and effortless design is ideal for gamers looking for a cool chair that will fit right into their bedroom or gaming space. With a fully adjustable height, backrest, 3D armrests and a tilt-lock feature, gamers can find the perfect position to win; whilst removable lumbar and neck cushions offer comfort from dawn till dusk. For the greener gamer, the Ruya also has a wooden frame made out of sustainable FSC®-certified wood.

The Riye is available in Black, Red and White whilst the Ruya is available in Black and Red, offering gamers a plethora of options to find the perfect fit for their gaming environment.

The Trust GXT 703 Riye Gaming Chair is available for RRP £129.99 from Very and the GXT 714 Ruya Gaming Chair is available for RRP £199.99 from Very.

The Relics of Technology: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, it’s easy to forget the gadgets and gizmos that once dominated our lives. Today, we’ll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the tech tools that have faded into the annals of history.

  1. Floppy Disks and CD-ROMs:
    Once, the clunky floppy disks and shimmering CD-ROMs were our only recourse to data storage and transfer. They have now gracefully bowed out, making way for sleek USB drives, capacious external hard drives, and the omnipresent cloud storage that promises accessibility from every corner of the globe.
  2. VHS Tapes and VCRs:
    The ritual of rewinding VHS tapes and the magic of VCRs bringing images to life on screen are chapters from a bygone era. They’ve been overshadowed by the crisp clarity of DVDs, Blu-rays, and the instant gratification delivered by streaming services.
  3. Fax Machines:
    The whirring and buzzing of fax machines, once music to the ears of office-goers have been replaced by the silent, instantaneous delivery of emails and other digital communication channels.
  4. BlackBerry:
    Once the pinnacle of business communication with its iconic QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry has been overshadowed by the touchscreen revolution led by smartphones that offer an array of features and applications making communication and management seamless.

    Once the pinnacle of business communication with its iconic QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry has been overshadowed by the touchscreen revolution led by smartphones that offer an array of features and applications making communication and management seamless.
    Once the pinnacle of business communication with its iconic QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry has been overshadowed by the touchscreen revolution led by smartphones that offer an array of features and applications making communication and management seamless.
  5. The Pager:
    The humble pager, a precursor to the mobile revolution, once clipped to belts, has quietly retreated to the shadows as smartphones dominate the communication landscape with various features unimaginable back in the day.
  6. Film Cameras:
    The instant gratification of digital photography has replaced the thrill of loading film and the patience of development. Though a niche of enthusiasts still cherishes the craft of film photography, digital cameras and smartphones have become our lenses to the world.
  7. CRT Monitors:
    The bulky CRT monitors that once occupied desks were replaced by sleek LCD and LED monitors, marking a significant leap in aesthetics and technology.
  8. Cassette Tapes and Players:
    The tactile joy of flipping a cassette tape is a forgotten pleasure. Digital audio and streaming services have ensnared the auditory senses with a promise of endless playlists.
  9. Typewriters:
    The rhythmic clacking of typewriter keys is a sound from a bygone era, replaced by the soft tapping on modern-day keyboards as computers and word-processing software took over.
  10. Rotary Phones:
    The nostalgic spin of the rotary dial has been replaced by the swift taps on touch-tone and mobile phones, making communication faster and smoother.

Each piece of outdated technology carries with it stories and memories that shaped the era they belonged to. As we embrace the new, it’s a sweet reminiscence to look back at the tech relics that paved the path for today’s digital wonderland.

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Apple’s Transition to USB-C: Embracing a Universal Standard

In an era marked by innovation and competition, even the tech giants must occasionally adjust their sails in the winds of change. Apple has recently confirmed that it will phase out its signature Lightning connector on its iPhones, a move prompted by the new European regulations. With the EU’s mandate that all smartphones sold after autumn 2024 use USB-C connectors for charging, the countdown for a universal charging standard begins.

Why the Regulatory Push?

The European Union’s decision to standardize charging ports comes from an environmentally driven perspective. Their aim is to:

  1. Reduce Electronic Waste: Multiple charging cables for various devices contribute significantly to electronic waste. A universal standard can potentially reduce the number of cables manufactured, thus lowering waste.
  2. Promote Consumer Convenience: With a single universal charging port, consumers won’t have to scramble for device-specific chargers or carry multiple cables.
  3. Foster Competition: A standardised charging solution can spur competition, driving manufacturers to innovate in other areas of smartphone design and functionality.

Apple’s Path Forward

While Apple’s decision to transition from the Lightning connector is primarily driven by the EU’s regulations, it also presents the company with an opportunity:

  1. Align with Other Products: Apple’s MacBook and iPad Pro have already adopted the USB-C standard. Transitioning the iPhone ensures a seamless experience across all Apple devices.
  2. Future Innovations: As previously speculated, Apple may be looking to develop a port-less iPhone relying solely on wireless charging and data transfer. The phasing out of the Lightning port might be a step in that direction.
  3. Access to a Broader Ecosystem: USB-C is widely adopted in a range of tech products. iPhones having USB-C can potentially integrate better with other tech products and accessories in the market.

Potential Challenges

  1. Transition Period: The switch may mean that many existing iPhone users with Lightning accessories, like earphones and chargers, might find them redundant. Apple might need to offer solutions or trade-ins for these accessories.
  2. Market Differentiation: One of the ways Apple maintained its unique ecosystem was through its proprietary ports and connectors. Moving to a universal standard might challenge Apple to find new ways to differentiate itself in the market.

Apple’s decision to adopt USB-C, while regulatory in nature, signifies an important shift towards a more standardised and environmentally conscious tech world. While challenges lie ahead, the move promises a future where convenience and sustainability are at the forefront of technological advancement.

Three Ways To Elevate Your Business Success

When running your own business, you should always be on the lookout for your next opportunity to grow. This will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors and become a leader in your industry while also increasing your revenue quite considerably. 

With that in mind, here are three ways in which you can begin to elevate your business success. 

Three Ways To Elevate Your Business Success
Three Ways To Elevate Your Business Success

Invest in the best equipment.

When first starting in the business world, you’ll likely look for ways to cut costs wherever possible. After all, this helps you to preserve your budget and can help you to increase your revenue. However, there are some aspects of your business that you should be willing to invest in, such as business tools and equipment.

For example, if you need to carry out underwater surveying and mapping, investing in products such as a side scan sonar can make the entire process much more straightforward and less time-consuming. Furthermore, it also means that your results are more accurate than if you were using outdated equipment or tools. As such, investing in this kind of equipment will bring forth a much greater ROI for your business.

Take care of your employees.

Taking care of your employees and ensuring their needs are met within the workplace is another great way to take your business from strength to strength. After all, when employees feel respected within the workplace, they’re likely to work harder. This means that you may notice productivity and efficiency rates skyrocket or that you reach targets much quicker than expected. It also means you won’t have to deal with too much employee turnover, which can also help to protect your bottom line. 

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can begin to take better care of your employees. For example, you can use technology to your advantage and automate specific tasks or duties, reducing their workload quite considerably. This way, they do not feel overworked or burnt out. Additionally, you should provide them with access to plenty of growth opportunities, whether this be through on-site mentoring or training courses. This will help them take the next steps in your career, but the more skilled your team is, the better your business will perform, meaning it’s a mutually beneficial endeavour!  

Listen to your customers. 

While the phrase “the customer is always right” often sends shivers through the spine of anyone who has worked in customer service, it is crucial that you take the time to really listen to your customers when running a business. 

As such, moving forward, you should place a real emphasis on good customer service, both in-person and over the phone. After all, “81% of customers say that a positive customer service experience is what pushes them to make another purchase.” Furthermore, you should ask for regular feedback from your customers, whether this be through email or by hosting focus groups. You can take this feedback on board to make meaningful changes that strengthen your relationship and improve your business practices.

Truth in Ratings: How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Fake Reviews

Fake reviews can significantly impact both businesses and consumers, distorting the perception of products, services, and brands. They can artificially inflate or deflate ratings and can mislead potential buyers. Here are some strategies that both businesses and consumers can use to protect themselves:

Truth in Ratings: How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Fake Reviews
Truth in Ratings: How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Fake Reviews

For Businesses:

1. Monitor Reviews Actively: Regularly monitor and analyse reviews for patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity, such as a sudden influx of positive or negative reviews.

2. Utilise Review Verification Services: There are third-party services designed to verify the authenticity of reviews. They can help in filtering out suspicious or inauthentic feedback.

3. Encourage Genuine Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to leave a review by providing easy-to-follow instructions or even offering incentives. Make sure to follow ethical guidelines in doing so.

4. Implement a Review Policy: Have a clear and transparent review policy that defines what is allowed and not allowed. Make it accessible to customers.

5. Report Fake Reviews: Major review sites often have mechanisms for reporting suspicious reviews. Be sure to make use of these systems when you notice suspicious activity.

6. Engage with Reviews: By actively responding to reviews, both positive and negative, you can often build trust with customers. If you suspect a review is fake, respond professionally, indicating your concern and how you plan to investigate.

7. Educate Your Customers: Let your customers know the importance of genuine reviews and how they can make sure their reviews are counted.

Truth in Ratings: How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Fake Reviews
Truth in Ratings: How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Fake Reviews

For Consumers:

1. Check Multiple Sources: Don’t rely on reviews from just one website. Look at different platforms to get a more comprehensive view.

2. Look for Verified Purchasers: Some platforms label reviews from verified purchasers. These are typically more trustworthy.

3. Analyze Review Patterns: If you see a large number of reviews with the same wording or all posted around the same time, they might be fake.

4. Be Skeptical of Extremes: Extremely positive or negative reviews might be fake, especially if they lack specific details about the product or service.

5. Use Review Analysis Tools: Some online tools can analyse reviews and provide a summary or even flag potentially fake reviews.

6. Read Both Positive and Negative Reviews: By reading a mix of positive and negative reviews, you can often get a more balanced view of a product or service.

7. Trust Your Instinct: If something doesn’t feel right, or if a review seems too good to be true, it probably is.

8. Consider Professional Reviews: If possible, look for professional, in-depth reviews from reputable sources.

9. Engage with the Community: Ask questions on forums or social media to get real opinions from real users.

By being proactive and aware, both businesses and consumers can significantly reduce the impact of fake reviews. It requires a combination of vigilance, utilizing available tools and services, and fostering a culture of authenticity and transparency.

Hestia, Vaonis’ new innovation, turns smartphones into a smart telescope

After the success of the Stellina and Vespera smart telescopes, Vaonis introduces its latest innovation: Hestia

Castelnau-le-Lez, France, 20th July 2023, Vaonis, the leading innovator in astronomy technology, is excited to announce Hestia, the first telescope that utilizes the power of smartphone sensors to photograph the stars. Lighter, smaller and more accessible than anything else currently on the market, the device is for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with deliveries expected by the end of the year. The launch coincides well for star-gazers excited for the solar eclipse that will cross the USA in April 2024. The Hestia telescope will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter as of July 18, starting $149.

Reminiscent of the shape and weight of a book, the new Vaonis telescope is based on an optical system consisting of a 30 mm (1.18 in) lens and prisms to collect and focus the light directly into the camera sensor of a smartphone.

Users position their smartphone on the device and align the phone’s camera with Hestia’s eyepiece. The instrument is designed to accommodate all sizes of smartphone thanks to a system of removable magnets.

Guided by the Gravity by Vaonis companion app, future astronomers can then point out celestial objects using an interactive sky map and observe the Sun, the Moon and deep sky objects phone screen, including the Orion nebula, the Andromeda galaxy, the Pleiades , and much more.

Hestia’s innovation lies in its combination of three elements:

  • A simple, compact optical system, unique on the market and patented by the company,
  • A mobile app that uses the latest image-processing technologies to improve image quality,
  • A smartphone equipped with ever more powerful sensors, so that Hestia can be upgraded as users’ smartphones change.


“The Stellina and Vespera smart telescopes have been worldwide successes since their launch. This year, we are pushing back the limits of miniaturization with a new innovation: Hestia. To reduce costs and offer a telescope that is truly accessible to all, we have relied on the most powerful and widely adopted technology: your smartphone.” says Cyril Dupuy, founder of Vaonis.

With Kickstarter prices starting at just $149, Hestia is making smart telescopes even more accessible to people curious about discovering and understanding the sky around them. On 8 April 2024, the eagerly anticipated total solar eclipse will cross the United States from coast to coast. Hestia will be the ideal instrument for a closer and safe look at the eclipse, immortalizing the rarest and most fascinating celestial phenomenon humanity has ever witnessed.

Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors

Featuring a 600W inverter, Quick charge mode and an IP65 rating, this is a power station that is both versatile, powerful, and compact

Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors
Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors

With over 10 years of industry experience in green energy storage solutions, BLUETTI today announces its latest product, the AC60 all-weather power station. This powerful and reliable power station is built to meet the needs of outdoor adventurers and anyone who needs a portable power source to stay connected in the wild. The AC60 is available to buy from the BLUETTI website for a debut price of £649 (RRP £699).

Many bundles including solar panels and back batteries are also available via the website, such as the AC60+B80 (Expansion Battery) for £1,248.00 (RRP £1398)

Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors
Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors

With the B80 Expansion Battery

The AC60 is equipped with a 403Wh LiFePO4 battery that supplies 600W of power and can be expanded to 2,015Wh when combined with the optional B80 batteries. With super-fast charging, those using can stay powered for long periods in the wild. The power station has multiple outlets, including two AC outlets, a 100W USB-C port, a 15W wireless charging pad, and a 12V DC outlet. The AC60 also features a ‘Power Lifting’ mode that allows it to run high-powered appliances up to 1200W such as coffee makers, mini-fridges and sandwich grills.

With an IP65 rating, making it dust and water resistant, the AC60 is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Bluetti has carefully designed the AC60 with solid materials and waterproof rubber to seal the outlets, giving the user full confidence when using it outside.

Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors

The AC60 is also one of the fastest-charging portable power stations around. It has three charging modes – silent at 160W, standard at 255W, and turbo at 600W. Charging the device at 600W requires just 1.2 hours for a full charge. With support for car or lead-acid battery charging, it can even be charged when out and about. The AC60 also supports up to 200W charging using BLUETTI’s PV120 and PV200 solar panels, and a wide range of third-party options available separately.

Bluetti also provide an App for the AC60, which allows users to check the power station’s status, charge/recharge, and change settings. With its superior power, extended run time, built-in carry handle and weight of only 8.6kg, the AC60 is a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors
Bluetti launches the AC60: The All-Weather Power Station, built for the outdoors

For peace of mind, the AC60 also comes with an industry-leading 6-year warranty and can last for over 3,000 life cycles when charging. Free shipping and a 30-day return policy is also offered upon purchase.


The AC60 is available to buy from the BLUETTI website for a debut price of £649 (RRP £699).

Many bundles including solar panels and back batteries are also available via the website, such as the AC60+B80 (Expansion Battery) for £1,248.00 (RRP £1398).

Trust launches its Zirox Gaming Headset and Felox Gaming Mouse

Leading digital lifestyle accessories brand, Trust Electronics Ltd, is pleased today to announce the launch of two new gaming accessories, its Zirox gaming headset and Felox mouse. Essentials for any setup, both products are designed with multiple colour options including some based on their choice of console to allow gamers to express their personality while playing. The two products can be used together to create a cohesive and matching gaming environment. Not only style, both the mouse and headset also offer high quality and useful features, comfort and are available at an accessible price for all.

Trust GXT 415 Zirox Gaming Headset – Available from Amazon for £17.99


The Trust GXT 415 Zirox is available in four bold colours – Booster Black, Winning White, Brilliant Blue and Powerful Pink – providing players with many ways to win in style and options to suit preferences. Its lightweight design of only 244 grams makes it easy to wear for long gaming sessions, whilst powerful 50mm drivers ensure users are fully immersed in the game at all times.

Perfect for social gamers, the Zirox comes with a foldaway microphone built into the design, enabling gamers to chat with friends or move the microphone out of the way when not needed. On-ear volume control and a microphone mute switch make it simple to hear and be heard; and an extra-long 2m cable allows it to be connected to any 3.5mm device, including PC, laptop, and consoles.

In addition to the four colour versions, three further versions specifically designed for consoles have also been released. With a white PS5 edition, black and green Xbox edition, and black and red Switch edition, these headsets have been crafted to offer gamers an accessory that both matches and works in harmony with their console. With a shorter 1.2m cable, they plug easily into the controller or Switch console, making it so easy to get gaming and go.


Trust Felox Gaming Mouse  – Available from Amazon for £12.99 (wired) and Amazon for £17.99 (wireless)

Combining cutting-edge design and vibrant colours, the Felox gaming mouse is available as both a wired and wireless version so gamers can make the most of their gaming sessions, whatever their preference. A cool, comfortable and affordable mouse, it is available in four bold colours – Booster Black, Winning White, Brilliant Blue and Powerful Pink – allowing gamers to choose the design that perfectly matches their personality. With included software, users can also fine-tune the mouse’s speed, lighting and macros according to their preferences and game style.

For those seeking the freedom of wireless gaming, the GXT 110 Felox Wireless Gaming Mouse offers a seamless experience. Connectable via a single USB receiver that can conveniently be stored inside the mouse when not in use, the Felox Wireless is incredibly easy to use. With a rechargeable battery, gamers can enjoy up to 80 hours of playtime on a single charge, and even continue playing while charging using the included cable. Also available in Booster Black and Winning White, this mouse makes the perfect match to any gaming setup.

Both Felox mice (wired and wireless) also feature multicolour LED lighting with four settings to fully customise the mouse’s aesthetics to suit players’ individual styles. In addition, they also have six buttons, including a DPI select button for speed adjustment (between 200 to 6400 DPI for the wired and 800 to 4800 DPI for the wireless), offering users control over their gaming experience.

With a unique design, the Felox links perfectly to the new Zirox headsets. Available in matching colours, gamers can create a cohesive and stylish gaming environment that truly reflects who they are.

The Next Generation of Indoor Cameras is Here

Introducing the New SimpliSafe® Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera

SimpliSafe®, maker of award-winning home security systems, today announced the launch of the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. The camera is SimpliSafe’s most advanced camera yet and works seamlessly with the award-winning SimpliSafe® Home Security system* to make sure every inch of your home is protected around the clock.

Designed with advanced motion detection with vision AI, it’s the only indoor camera that can trigger an alarm and sound a built-in 80 dB siren for fast intruder deterrence. Instant phone alerts warn you the moment your camera detects unusual activity, so you’ll always know what’s happening at home. It can also tell the difference between people and pets, for fewer false alarms.

With 1536p HD video capture and 10x digital zoom, the new camera allows you to watch over your home in crystal clear detail both day and night. You can live stream, record, and download videos of your home on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere with the SimpliSafe® App.**

The Next Generation of Indoor Cameras is Here
The Next Generation of Indoor Cameras is Here

The camera provides privacy when you want it and protection when you need it with the automated privacy shutter. The SimpliSafe® system has three different modes – off, home and away – and this camera will integrate with the system’s modes and automatically adjust the privacy shutter depending on the setting, whist you can also adjust this via the app.

Like the rest of the SimpliSafe® system, the setup is simple. The camera is wireless, so you can easily mount it to a wall or place it on a shelf, giving you the flexibility to get the best vantage point.

A 10-foot USB charging cable is included in the box, giving you the option to have a permanent power source and eliminating any worry about recharging the camera.

The Next Generation of Indoor Cameras is Here
The Next Generation of Indoor Cameras is Here

The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera is £139.99 and is available from

The camera launch comes off the heels of the SimpliSafe® Gen 2 Motion Sensor which launched earlier this month. Similar to the camera, the Gen 2 Motion sensor has the advanced ability to distinguish between people and pets, with the aim to reduce false alarms.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Dangers and Safety Measures

Lithium-ion batteries have become ubiquitous in our everyday life, powering everything from our smartphones and laptops to electric vehicles and even some of our home appliances. But like most technological advancements, they come with their own set of risks. In this post, we’ll delve into the potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries and how we can take steps to mitigate these risks and keep ourselves safe.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Dangers and Safety Measures
Lithium-Ion Batteries: Dangers and Safety Measures

Understanding the Risks

Let’s take a closer look at the potential dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries:

1. Thermal Runaway and Fire Risk: This is the most significant danger. Thermal runaway is a chain reaction within the battery that can result in the release of a large amount of energy in a short time. This process can be triggered if the battery is overcharged, physically damaged, or exposed to excessive heat, leading to an internal short circuit. The ensuing heat can cause the battery to ignite or even explode. What’s more, the fires resulting from lithium-ion batteries are notoriously difficult to extinguish because the battery essentially fuels itself.

2. Toxic and Corrosive Materials: Lithium-ion batteries are filled with potentially toxic and corrosive materials. If the battery leaks or is punctured, these substances can escape, leading to burns upon contact and respiratory problems if inhaled.

3. Overcharging and Overheating: Overcharging or charging at a temperature too high can severely damage lithium-ion batteries, increasing the risk of thermal runaway.

4. Environmental Hazards: This may not pose an immediate personal danger, but it’s an important point nonetheless. The extraction of lithium and other metals used in these batteries can lead to environmental degradation, and improper disposal contributes to pollution.

5. Swelling: In certain situations, lithium-ion batteries can experience swelling due to gas buildup triggered by factors such as overcharging, overheating, or physical damage. This swelling can potentially rupture the battery or damage the device housing it.

professional stock photo of an electric bike laying on it's side on a road in London a small lithium-ion fire in it's battery -ar 21:9
professional stock photo of an electric bike laying on it’s side on a road in London a small lithium-ion fire in it’s battery -ar 21:9

Keeping Safe: Steps to Mitigate the Risks

Awareness of these risks is the first step to safety. Here are some preventive measures we can adopt:

1. Correct Charging Practices: Use the charger that comes with your device whenever possible, as it’s designed to protect your battery. Avoid overcharging your appliances and ensure they are charged at a moderate temperature.

2. Mind the Temperature: Lithium-ion batteries don’t fare well under high temperatures, so keep your devices away from direct sunlight or hot cars. Similarly, extremely cold environments can also affect the battery’s performance and lifespan.

3. Physical Protection: Avoid causing physical damage to the batteries. A puncture or severe impact can lead to internal short-circuiting, increasing the risk of thermal runaway.

4. Regular Inspection: Watch out for any signs of battery damage, such as bulging, excessive heat, or leaking. If you notice anything unusual, stop using the device and contact the manufacturer or a professional.

5. Safe Disposal: Don’t just toss your old devices into the regular trash. Many retailers and local waste facilities will accept old electronics for recycling. This helps to minimize environmental impact.

Lithium-ion batteries have made our life wirelessly efficient, but with this convenience comes responsibility. Following these safety measures can help us enjoy our devices while minimizing potential hazards. After all, as with most things in life, prevention is better than cure.

What steps should be taken when a lithium fire happens?

Dealing with a lithium-ion battery fire requires special precautions due to the intense heat and potentially toxic fumes they can generate. Here are steps to take in case of a lithium-ion battery fire:

  1. Call Emergency Services: The first and most important step is to alert the authorities.  Call 999! While waiting for their arrival, try to evacuate the building or area to ensure personal safety.
  2. Evacuate the Area: Lithium-ion battery fires can release toxic fumes. Ensure everyone has evacuated the area and maintain a safe distance from the fire.
  3. Ventilate the Area: If it is safe to do so, open windows or doors to provide ventilation and disperse the fumes.
  4. Do Not Attempt to Move the Battery or Device: A burning or overheating lithium-ion battery can explode, so it’s vital not to move the device or attempt to remove the battery.
  5. Let the Fire Burn Out: Sometimes, the safest action is to let the fire burn out on its own while ensuring it doesn’t spread. This may be the safest option if the fire cannot be extinguished or if it reignites.
  6. Fire Extinguishers: In the event of a lithium-ion battery fire, using a traditional fire extinguisher might not be effective, and could potentially exacerbate the situation. Here’s why:

    Electrolyte Spreading: Using a traditional fire extinguisher, which usually expels a forceful stream of extinguishing agent, could spread the burning electrolyte present in lithium-ion batteries, potentially expanding the area of the fire.

    Ineffectiveness at Cooling: Traditional fire extinguishers aren’t as effective at cooling the fire down to temperatures where reignition won’t occur. One of the primary dangers of a lithium-ion battery fire is that it can reignite after being initially extinguished if the battery remains above its self-ignition temperature.

    Chemical Reactions: Some fire extinguishing agents might not react well with the materials in the battery, potentially leading to harmful chemical reactions.

Remember, never put yourself or others at unnecessary risk. Always wait for professional help if the fire is too large or dangerous to handle.

The Fire Safety Stick.
The Fire Safety Stick.

Finally, prevention is the best approach to lithium-ion battery fires. Always use and maintain devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and monitor them for any signs of swelling, overheating, or other unusual behaviour.

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