6 Tips to Keep Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet

The Internet has fundamentally changed how we communicate, learn, work, and play. While this has been a helpful tool for increasing access and opportunities for everyone, it has also given rise to cybercrimes such as identity theft, stalking, harassment, and more. In order to stay safe and private online, it’s important to understand how the Internet works and what you can do to protect your personal information and privacy.

Set up Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are the most important part of staying private online. A stolen password allows people to access your account even if you’ve locked it with a passcode or PIN. Make sure each password is different and unique. You can use websites that secure your passwords and make them more difficult to steal.

6 Tips to Keep Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet

Secure Your Device

Your device, whether it be your phone, laptop, or personal computer, is the gateway to your personal information. If your device is old or damaged, then scammers are more likely to hack into it and access your accounts. Make sure your device is up-to-date, has a strong operating system, and has been updated with the latest security patches.

Public Wi-Fi

When using public Wi-Fi, assume that everything you do is public. This includes what you search for, who you talk to, and any browser history you create. Public Wi-Fi is unsecured, meaning that anyone can log onto it with a password. This is common in coffee shops, malls, and other public places. Avoid sharing sensitive information such as logins, passwords, and emails while you are on public Wi-Fi.

Turn On Incognito Mode

Many browsers have incognito mode. This means that none of your search history or login information will be saved. Use this feature when you are entering private information into websites or in public.

Don’t Share Personal Data

One of the best ways to maintain privacy on the Internet is to not share personal data with anyone. This includes not using pictures of you or your real name on social media accounts. 

When sharing photos online, be careful with who you share them with. Make sure that the people you share photos with are not also sharing photos of you. When giving out personal information such as phone numbers, make sure that you’re giving it to people you trust. If you are not sure whether you are about to participate in a scam, take steps to assure you are keeping your information safe first!

Seek Professional Help

Today’s Internet is complicated and dangerous. Often, the best thing you can do to make sure all of your devices are secured and your information is protected is find data protection services UK. With the help of a professional, you will be able to make sure that all of your devices are updated to the newest security benefits so that your information is as safe as possible!

It can be difficult to keep your information protected in today’s world. However, with these tips, it becomes simple and easy to make sure you are safe on the Internet!

Why Electric Cars Are For More Than Just Driving

Electric vehicles have a lot of perks. They are good for the environment and they are good for your wallet. There are also a lot of other perks that come along with electric vehicles aside from the fact that they are changing the world for the better. Here are the reasons why switching to an electric car is a good idea beyond battling climate change. 

Power Your Home

One major perk to getting an electric car is the fact that you can use your car to power your home. There are chargers that go from vehicle to home in order for your car battery to supply electricity to your home. It is a way that a lot of people are saving money on energy costs. Some supermarkets allow you to charge your car for free and you can then go home and plug your house into your car in order to source your power from your vehicle. 

You are basically powering your house for free and saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year in bills. 

Get a Tax Credit

A lot of governments around the world are providing a tax credit to those who switch to an electric car. In some places, governments are offering to pay a driver’s down payment as an incentive to switch to electric. In all, some buyers are saving thousands of dollars on their car and are getting it for cheaper than the sticker price. 

Federal governments have been giving electric car drivers refunds on the installation of electric car chargers. When filing their yearly taxes, drivers have been able to get an ample tax refund because they have switched to electric. 

No Maintenance

Since electric cars run on a battery, there is no engine. In place of an engine in the front of the car there is another trunk where you can store more items. The lack of engine means that there is no need for maintenance. There is no oil to change, fan belts to fix, or transmission to worry about. These reasons are very high-cost saving decisions to get you to switch. 

Most car batteries for electric vehicles last about ten years before they need to be replaced or start to have difficulty holding their charge. That’s ten years of virtually no car maintenance to worry about. 

Electric Cars Are Safer

Due to the construction of electric cars, they are safer for passengers. Because of the need to keep a safe distance between those riding in the car and the battery, electric cars have an aluminum plate around the battery that protects passengers in the event of a collision. Also, because the car has a massive battery and no engine, the risk of an explosion or anything flammable occuring in an accident is virtually eliminated keeping everyone in the vehicle more safe than if they were riding in a gas-powered vehicle. 


With so many non-environmental reasons for switching to an electric vehicle, the choice to switch is a pretty one easy to make.

Battery Start-Up Theion Unveils Crystal Battery for all Mobile Applications

Theion, a global battery manufacturer of lithium-sulphur cathode technology, today announced the appointment of Dr Ulrich Ehmes as CEO and the upcoming commercial availability of its Crystal Battery for applications, beginning with the aerospace sector. Dr Ehmes, who has a long track record of industrialising battery production at companies like Swiss-listed lithium-ion battery company Leclanché, will lead the commercialisation of Theion’s innovative lithium-sulphur cathode technology, which is targeting triple the range and usage time compared to conventional lithium-ion cells.

Theion’s battery innovation is based on sulphur – a material available In abundance without harmful mining (a byproduct of industrial processes). Sulphur replaces cathode materials with high processing cost and high metal content like nickel and cobalt. As a result, sulphur is not only 99% cheaper to source than the cathode materials, used in existing state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, but Theion’s battery cells also require 90% less energy to produce – from raw material to finished cell.

Under the leadership of Dr Ehmes, Theion will leverage his decade-long experience in the battery manufacturing sector to scale production. Dr Ehmes also serves on the Board of major battery research clusters funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education and is a member of European and German battery associations.

“I joined Theion because I am convinced that selecting the right battery active materials and processing these materials in a way that best leverages the material’s storage property, will disrupt the battery industry to another level,” said Dr Ulrich Ehmes, Theion CEO. “With 16 patents pending, our process innovations are scalable, and will bring a new dimension of mobility, range, usage time and sustainability.”

Theion’s patented production process extends the cycle life of batteries by combining sulphur’s crystal material properties with carbon nanotubes and a proprietary solid electrolyte. The company will be shipping material later this year, firstly to aerospace customers, as part of the qualification stage, then to aircraft, air taxis, drones, mobile phones and laptops, before servicing the electric flight and automotive sectors in 2024.

Battery Start-Up Theion Unveils Crystal Battery for all Mobile Applications
Battery Start-Up Theion Unveils Crystal Battery for all Mobile Applications

“We are using mother nature’s crystals under the guidance of our patented processes to unlock sulphur’s full potential as an energy carrier,” said Marek Slavik, Theion co-founder and CTO. “Its wide abundance around the world is crucial to the material cost. The design of our highly energy-efficient manufacturing processes makes our Crystal Batteries fully sustainable.”

Theion is backed by Lukasz Gadowski, CEO of Team Global, a technology holding company investing in and starting frontier technology companies. With a successful track record that includes Delivery Hero, and recent investments into Volocopter, Zapata and AutoFlight, Theion’s addition to the portfolio is highly synergetic.

“At a time when industry demand for batteries is surging, but materials cost and sustainable sourcing are experiencing volatility, Theion’s breakthrough is ideally timed,” Lukasz Gadowski, founder and CEO of Team Global, and principal investor.Theion’s Crystal Battery is perfect for all mobility applications, while being massively sustainable, and is targeting to extend the use time of handheld devices, the driving range of electric cars, and the safe flight time of eVTOL applications and electric aircraft by a factor of three. When in full production, it has the potential to replace every battery in every mobility device on earth.”

Headquartered in Berlin, Theion operates three locations within the city, specializing in cell design, prototyping and testing. Theion is expanding by adding manufacturing facilities to accelerate its mass production roadmap, beginning in Berlin. Locations for later Giga-Factories are not determined yet but will be located close to the customers. Thus, production sites are envisioned In Europe, Asia and the USA.

Mitchell & Brown’s Parent Group Celebrates 25 Years in Business

The team behind Mitchell & Brown – the UK’s favourite TV brand, hosted a special celebration this month to mark 25 years of the TVD Group – the TV brand’s parent company.

Employees from the TVD Group and several suppliers attended the 25-year celebration for the company, which was hosted by Worsley Golf Club, close to the group’s HQ in Bolton, Lancashire.

The TVD Group has seen huge success over the past 25 years, including a whopping £242 million turnover, over 200,000 completed installations, and over one million total products sold. A significant part of the group’s recent success has been the launch in 2016 of the Mitchell & Brown TV brand.

Mitchell & Brown’s Parent Group Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Developed to give retailers a trusted, local brand of high-quality TVs to sell, all backed by an unrivalled 7-year guarantee, Mitchell & Brown has rapidly become a firm High Street favourite and the UK’s best loved domestic TV supplier.

The TVD celebration event was an opportunity to unite everyone involved in TVD Group’s success and thank them for being part of the journey. On the night there was live music, a buffet, and a speech by Director Matthew Brown.

Matthew thanked the team and suppliers for their efforts over the years and acknowledged all the people who couldn’t be there, including his late father Jim Brown who he founded the company with alongside brother Dan.

Born in 1996, the TVD Group started with a shop in Leigh, and has now become a leading UK provider in audio-visual solutions on both commercial and domestic fronts.

Dan Brown, Director of Operations
Dan Brown, Director of Operations

From humble beginnings running electronics store ‘TV and Video Direct’, Dan and Matthew Brown have considerably grown the business over the past 25 years. They now operate six divisions within the TVD Group – TVD Technology Solutions, TVD B2B, TVC Outdoor, Mitchell & Brown, MySign Digital Screen Solutions and Retail & Online.

Dan Brown, Director of Operations, said: We’ve come a long way since 1996 and my brother and I couldn’t be prouder of the success we have achieved with the help of our expert team and fantastic suppliers.

“It was important for us to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and we hope the event lived up to expectations – everyone certainly seemed to have a good time!

“We are looking forward to building this family business into the next quarter of a century.”

New tech solution will address the ‘cocktail party problem’ 

  • Leading listening tech provider, Nuance Hearing, has launched a state-of-the-art directional microphone to help address the ‘cocktail party problem’. 
  • The ‘cocktail party problem’ – an inability to understand speech in a noisy environment – can affect up to 41 per cent of adults, according to research. 
  • The Voice Selector Converse uses built-in microphones and an advanced algorithm to track the source of sounds, allowing the user to easily focus on a conversation and tune out background noise. 
  • In tests, users were able to understand speech on average three times better than without the product. 
Nuance Hearing - New tech solution will address the 'cocktail party problem' 
Nuance Hearing – New tech solution will address the ‘cocktail party problem’

Nuance Hearing, a leading global provider of focused listening technology, has launched a new device that provides powerful relief from auditory distraction and background noise. 

The Voice Selector Converse helps overcome challenging hearing situations for those who struggle with the ‘cocktail party problem’, offering a tech solution to understand conversations in a crowded room, without the need for hearing aids. 

Using cutting-edge beamforming technology, eight built-in microphones track the source of sounds, reducing the level of background noise and enabling the user to focus on the dominant voice. The result is a world-leading directivity index (the relative reduction of overall noise in relation to the target sound) of 15dB in real-time performance, which compares to an industry-standard of 4-5dB. This improvement helps the listener to focus, effortlessly tuning out the sounds that do not matter and tuning into the ones that do. 

In audiology testing, users were able to understand speech on average three times better than without the product. 

Ori Goren, CEO of Nuance Hearing, said: “Since 2015, we have been delivering powerful and advanced hearing solutions that deliver optimum performance. We know that many people in the UK are suffering in silence, unable to feel comfortable or enjoy conversing in busy environments, and are proud to have launched an innovative tech solution to help combat this. Through innovative technological solutions, we are passionate about improving the quality of life for a diverse group of people, making every environment more accessible and helping ensure personal success and empowerment.” 

New research* suggests that 41 percent of all UK adults admit to having the ‘cocktail party problem’ where they struggle to understand speech in a noisy environment. Over a third (36 percent) said noisy environments caused them stress and anxiety and 60 percent of those with hearing problems said they would be open to trying out tech to help them hear in a busy environment.

The Voice Selector Converse has unique auto-steering technology which picks up the dominant speaker, even when they are moving about. Alternatively, the user can manually switch between speakers when conversing a group. 

It also captures, processes, and plays audio at a record speed of six milliseconds (0.006 seconds). It’s a multifunctional device and can be used as a table microphone or remote microphone – ideal for most scenarios where background noise can be an issue. 

Hearing loss currently affects 12 million people in the UK. The World Health Organisation estimates that 1 in 5 people worldwide live with hearing loss, expected to rise to 1 in 4 by 2050. Unaddressed hearing loss can have a devastating impact on people’s ability to communicate, study and earn a living. It can also impact on people’s mental health and their ability to sustain relationships1 and has recently been associated with a faster degree of cognitive decline. On average, people wait ten years before getting help for hearing loss. The ‘cocktail party problem’ where people have difficulty understanding speech in noisy situations can often be the first sign of a hearing loss.                                                                          

Franki Oliver, audiology specialist, RNID, said:“While it might not seem obvious at first, having difficulty understanding speech in background noise is usually one of the early signs of hearing loss. The ‘cocktail party problem’ is the name used to describe the brain’s inability to filter out background noise and tune into what someone is saying in a busy environment. Most people with hearing loss experience difficulty in these situations. 

“It’s important to check your hearing if you start to notice difficulty in background noise, feel that people mumble, or you ask people to repeat themselves. It’s second nature for people to have their eyes checked regularly but we don’t have the same attitude towards getting our hearing checked yet. The sooner hearing loss is identified, the earlier someone can start benefiting from life-changing hearing devices. Hearing loss can also be linked to conditions such as dementia so early intervention is vital.”

Glowforge Pro – Making a new Website header graphic using the Glowforge Pro

So I’ve been testing a Glowforge Pro for the last few weeks.

It’s absolutely outstanding technology and I’m really loving it.

I’ve made so many different items using this device, such as boxes, wallets, key fobs, phone stands, acrylic signs, all kinds of stuff It really is amazing.

It does require a bit of imagination and the ability to design stuff, but you can also use the Glowforge library of images as well if you want to.

So what I wanted to do was create a new graphic heading for The Gadget Man website, but by making this heading using a  laser cutter, scan it and then I’ll import it into the website as the new heading.

Watch the video below to find out how I went about it, you can see the resulting graphic at the top of the page!

Full review coming soon!

A selection of leather items I’ve made.


4 Benefits You Gain From Having Fast Broadband

If you’ve been on your broadband deal for a long time, you might be wondering what it is exactly that you’re missing out on by not having a new and fast broadband package. There’s plenty to be gained from fast broadband, and it’s becoming the new standard for households that rely on technology often. If you’re not using your TV or the internet in your home, then you’ve little to gain from upgrading your broadband, but for those who are often online – a fast broadband package has every benefit for you to gain.

4 Benefits You Gain From Having Fast Broadband
4 Benefits You Gain From Having Fast Broadband
Easier working from home

In the past few years, we’ve seen more and more people working from home, and it’s becoming quite common practice for many previously office jobs. Of course, there are still those that would prefer to attend the workplace, but working from home has proven more than comfortable for many people. Without fast broadband, working from home can take even more time than it needs to. Being hindered by slow internet speeds is not something you want, and if you spend a lot of time browsing, downloading, and uploading while you’re working – you’re going to feel the effects of a slow internet speed.

Great for the family

Households with more than one person can be quite straining on your internet allowance, and without a fast internet package, you’re not going to be getting the full potential of your broadband. Having too many people on a slow internet speed and bandwidth is going to cause everyone else’s in the house to be slow too. Homes with a lot of phones, computers, consoles, or TVs can be very intensive, and even apps like Netflix can disrupt the internet causing everything to lag and slow down. If you often experience buffering or pauses mid-way through what you’re watching on TV, this is why.

More technology

Homes with slow broadband packages can’t support many pieces of tech that are connected to the internet. Because of this, you might be put off buying newer pieces of technology. The slowness and waiting around that you get from older packages can be tedious, and no one would want more of that for even more money. If you want to see some of the best deals available, you should check out this full fibre 500 broadband package – a broadband deal that won’t ever let you down.

Never miss out

When you’re trying to catch things live, it can be difficult to get a steady stream as a result of slow broadband. For those of you who enjoy watching live sports games, then this is something that you should be concerned about. Having your TV slow down for even a few moments can cause you to miss something crucial, which isn’t necessary to deal with.

Even if your package is old, most providers often update their packages with the prices. That means that you’re not always going to have to pay more for an updated deal. Old deals tend to remain at their price until you change it to a newer one.

The Factors that Impact your Credit Score

There was good news in the UK last year from a financial perspective, as the average credit score on these shores increased by five points despite an uncertain and challenging economic climate.

A credit score provides a numerical expression based on a level analysis of an individual’s credit files, based on past payment history and a variety of alternative factors.

This ultimately determines the creditworthiness of an individual in the eyes of lenders. But what are the top five factors that impact your credit score? Here’s a brief breakdown!

  • Payment History: Over time, you’ll build a credit history through recurring repayments in the form of rent, mortgage, car repayments, debt or other types of finance. Such payments can have a positive or negative impact on your score over time, with missed or late payments (or defaulted accounts) causing significant issues that may prevent further credit applications.
  • The Amounts Owed: Next up is the total amount of money owed in unsecured debt, which also reveals your total credit usage across outstanding cards, loans and balances. This is calculated simply by dividing the total revolving credit you’re currently using by the total of all limits, and using more than 30% of your available credit is negative in the eyes of lenders.
  • Credit History Length: This is a lesser-known factor, and one that refers to how long you’ve held credit accounts. This comprises 15% of your final FICO score, including the age of your oldest account, the age of the newest addition and the average age across the board. In general terms, the longer your credit history, the higher your average credit score.
  • Your Unique Credit Mix: Those individuals with the very best credit scores tend to boast a diverse range of credit accounts, including a car loan, credit card mortgage and a student loan. Other products can be included, of course, while a meld of secured and unsecured loans may also help to create a viable mix. Lenders definitely consider the various types of accounts held when creating their scoring models, and your overall credit mix accounts for 10% of your FICO score.
  • Your Access and Use of New Credit: Bad credit can become something of a trap, as while creating a recent history of positive transactions enables you to improve your score over time, it can be hard to open new accounts with a bad score. The good news is that you can use so-called “bad credit” products to help build and enhance your credit score, including specialist cards and loans. Of course, having too many accounts or applications can damage your score, so you’ll need to be selective when choosing viable products.

Top Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers During Any Occasion

Gift-giving can often be a pain for many people. Trying to figure out what the recipient wants and will like can be difficult.

In many cases, you could be tempted to ask them what they want. That’ll ruin the surprise, however.

Knowing what they’re passionate about and focusing on that is better recommended. If you’re loved one is a tech lover, then finding a gift for them can be relatively easy.

You’ll have a wealth of options to choose from. Some can be better recommended than others, although you’ll be sure to find something they like.

Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers That They Should Love

Bluetooth Speakers

Who wouldn’t want a high-quality entertainment system in their home? While the television will naturally be the centre of this, there could be multiple other devices associated with this.

Speakers will be some of the more notable. If the gift recipient has a basic entertainment centre, then it could be worth helping them upgrade this.

Bluetooth speakers can be recommended, especially if the recipient already has multiple smart devices. With this, you’ll take their entertainment centre to the next level.

A Smartwatch

Smartwatches have been popular since they were first released. In the years since then, more and more options have been released.

That’s led to them becoming more high-quality while the cost has also come down significantly. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t relatively expensive options, however.

The features and benefits that many of these can offer could be more than worth it. If you’re on a tight budget, though, then you could consider a second hand Apple watch.

These options are normally of a much higher quality than you’d expect. Many sellers also offer a warranty, so you should be able to rest easy knowing that it’ll work for quite a while.

Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Gaming has often been noted for the technology used in it. That isn’t solely related to developing video games, however.

Multiple peripheral accessories have been designed and perfected in the past few years. Gaming earbuds have been one of the more notable.

Many of these are now wireless, making them much easier to use. There’s also an abundance of brands to choose from.

Razer and Apple are some of the more notable options to consider. If you’re taking this approach, however, make sure to keep the recipient’s console in mind.

Some wireless gaming earbuds mightn’t be compatible with specific consoles. Thankfully, many options will say on the box which consoles they’ll work with.

Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers: Wrapping Up

Quite a lot of thought can go into a gift, especially if the recipient is celebrating a significant occasion. That could lead to many people overthinking it.

You shouldn’t have to put too much stress on yourself. Finding something that the gift recipient will enjoy can be easier than you’d think.

For tech lovers, there’s a wealth of options on offer. While each of the above can be more than recommended, you’ll have multiple other options to choose from.

They can also be more affordable than you’d think.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future

If Alec Issigonis could design the classic Mini again today, the iconic small car would have an electric motor. The original was launched in 1959, created during an oil crisis, and based on the idea of saving fuel and transporting four occupants and their luggage in the smallest possible footprint. Today, MINI remains connected to the design principles of Issigonis with its creative use of space and driving fun. The MINI Recharged project is an opportunity to continue telling the story of the classic Mini in the 21st century, in a sustainable way.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
MINI Recharged Team Oxford.

 The electric conversion of classic Minis combines traditional values with future-oriented technology. The idea was born even before the brand had the MINI Electric on offer (electricity consumption combined:17.6 – 15.2 kWh/100 km according to WLTP; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km.). A one-off, classic Mini Electric was built in 2018 and presented at the New York Auto Show. The reactions were so positive that a dedicated team from MINI Plant Oxford set to work and developed the plan to make a corresponding offer available to customers who own a classic Mini.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
MINI Recharged – classic Mini electrification.

To experience traditional go-kart handling with an emission-free drivetrain, the original petrol engine of the classic Mini is replaced by a modern electric drive. During the conversion, MINI Recharged makes reversible changes to the substance of the vehicle. Careful handling of the car’s historical heritage is an important part of the concept. This makes it possible to restore the classic Mini to its original condition at a later date. During the conversion, the original engine of each vehicle is marked and stored so it can be reused in the event of a future retrofit of the classic Mini.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
The classic styling is retained with a modern styling in keeping with it’s 60s look

Bernd Körber, Head of the MINI Brand said, “What the project team are developing preserves the character of the classic Mini and enables its fans to enjoy its all-electric performance. With MINI Recharged, we are connecting the past with the future of the brand.”

The MINI Recharged project means a vehicle’s life can be extended in a sustainable way. A classic Mini can now be given a new lease of life, accompanying its owner into the future, whilst maintaining its much-loved heritage. The drive is a modern electric motor that generates a continuous output of up to 90 kW and accelerates the electrified classic Mini from zero to 100 km/h in approximately nine seconds. The energy is supplied by a high-voltage battery, which can be charged with an output of up to 6.6 kW and enables a predicted range of around 160 kilometers. In addition, every electrified classic Mini from MINI Recharged receives the characteristic central instrument cluster, which now displays the drive temperature, the selected gear, range, and speed.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
Modern technology in a classic form

MINI Recharged fans gain a whole new driving experience; a silent drivetrain with instant acceleration and the ability to enter the electric or low-emission driving zones of many large cities, otherwise inaccessible with a combustion engine. For example, the electric classic Mini can drive in Oxford Street or Piccadilly Circus in London, without the driver having to pay congestion-charge. In addition, the classic conversion does not need a new registration.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
The classic Smiths Gauges are retained for interior styling

MINI Recharged fits seamlessly into the brand’s future strategy, which also includes the aspect of circular economy. For this project, no new vehicles are being produced, instead, they are being created from much-loved, existing cars. It allows a classic Mini to begin a second, more sustainable life. Today, one in five new MINI models has an electrified drive. Now, the MINI Recharged project will allow the brand’s classic vehicles to become an experience of the future, whilst still bringing joy from the past.

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
Subtle styling for both speedo and range gauges

The bespoke upcycling of the classic Mini is carried out exclusively in the United Kingdom. Each converted vehicle is given an individual number, making it unique.

Sebastian Beuchel, Head of MINI Global Brand Management said, “Individuality also plays an important role with MINI Recharged. Unique classic Mini models have always been created, including true works of art on wheels. That’s why future collaborations are also planned as part of the MINI Recharged programme, allowing well-known artists to express their creativity with specially designed classic Mini models.”

Recharged and electrifying: the classic Mini launches into the future
Electrification in progress at the Oxford plant

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