HTC One M8 – Is this the ‘One’?

We’ve been taking a look a Smart Watches recently, so it’s time to delve back into the ocean of smart phones to look at one of the pearls hidden beneath the waves; the HTC One M8 is one of the best smart phones to come out so far this year. Let’s see why. Continue reading HTC One M8 – Is this the ‘One’?

Gadget Man Episode 2 – Samsung Gear 2

This week, we discuss the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch.

Samsung Gear 2 – Smart Watch or Novelty?

As smart technology begins to adapt into new frontiers, stretching its boundaries beyond that of the phone and into other common devices, the Samsung Gear 2 seems to be one of the first to really achieve what it is to be a smart ‘watch’, but does that make it necessary, or an extravagant novelty?

Continue reading Samsung Gear 2 – Smart Watch or Novelty?

Gadget Man – Episode 1 – Samsung Gear 2, Sony Smartwatch 2 and FIFA Official App

gear2.jpg-largeThis week App of the Week becomes Gadget Man. The slot is expanded to include Apps, Gadgets and general Technology related news.

Today, for the first of two episodes, Matt is reviewing the  Gear 2 smart watch from Samsung. We also discuss the Sony Smartwatch 2 we will be reviewed in full in the next couple of weeks and FIFA World Cup 2014 apps.

App of the Week – 2nd June 2014 – Pool Break

This week we feature Pool Break, an absolutely excellent Snooker and Pool game. Beautifully presented 3d graphics with authentic sound. An absolute must for any fan of snooker and pool.

I’ve attached a screen shot, so  you can see just how lovely it really is!!


App of the Week – 27th May 2014 – Word Lens

This week’s App is Word Lens. A fantastic App for iPhone, Android and Google Glass, which allows live translation of foreign signs etc without the use of a network.

App of the Week 19TH May 2014 – RingGo

This week we look  at RingGo, a great way of paying for your parking without the need to carry change.

App of the Week – 12th May 2014 – Flixster

In this weeks App of the Week we look at Flixster for playing your purchased movies (where you have a Ultra-Violet code).

App of the Week – 6th May 2014 – IFTTT

This week we look at If This Then That, a fantastic app to automate your daily tasks.

Etholle George – PayM

Matt discusses the launch of PayM, the mobile payment App on BBC Radio Suffolk’s breakfast show with Etholle George

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