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First Products of the Tech Giants – Play our Quiz!

We all have to start somewhere and so did some of the biggest tech companies. Play our quiz and see if you can guess what their first products were? You might be surprised at some of the answers!

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The Gadget Man – Episode 54 – Aquamassage XL-250 Pro from InvigR8 Ipswich

This week I talk to Mark about the Aqua-Massage XL-250 Pro, a dry hydro-massage system. The massage is dry because the water used to massage your body from top to bottom is safely sealed away behind a waterproof membrane.

This means, that other than removing your shoes, you can stay fully clothed when having your massage. As you can see from the video below, the Aqua Massage uses a high pressure water system to massage your body, these massages can be fully customisable to your needs and is mean’t to be up to 4 times more efficient that a normal massage, plus you don’t need to get undress or have to shower afterwards.

In fact after a restful drink of chilled water, we were ready to get back to work. This makes for a very useful option for todays time precious world, you can benefit from a full massage, but without taking hours out of your day.

A 15 minute Aqua Massage is available from InvigR8 for for £15, we thought it was amazing value for money and we think you will to!

What’s more, InvigR8 are giving away 5 FREE 15 Sessions on the AquaMassage, to win the chance to try out this amazing equipment, enter use the widget below.

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Terms and Conditions of Entry

To enter, please visit InvigR8 on Facebook to find out more about their business, for an additional chance to win, follow us on Twitter.

There are 5 sessions to give away, please only enter if you are able to visit their Spa in Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom. There is no cash alternative to this prize. If you are the lucky winner, you will be emailed with your special password which you will need to quote when contacting InvigrR8 to book your massage session.

This competition is NOT affiliated with the BBC or it’s partners and is being delivered by InvigR8 Ipswich. The competition opens on Monday 15th June 2015 and closes at midnight on Friday 19th June 2015.

The winners will be published here

Thanks to Kay and Richard for allowing us to try out the Aqua Massage.

The Gadget Man – Episode 52 – Google Cardboard and Google I/O 2015

Google Cardboard V1 can be assembled in 6 steps
Google Cardboard V1 can be assembled in 6 steps

This week I talk about Google Cardboard and Google I/O Extended from Adastral Park. The event was the brainchild of Mark Thomas at Coderus, they are situated on the Innovation Martlesham also.

Google I/O Extended are events which enable people to experience the keynotes of I/O in Silicon Valley in their own countries. BT provided some amazing facilities to web cast the event to a large auditorium and Coderus were on hand to demonstrate some amazing Google products such as Chromecast and the Nexus Player. We also enjoyed Google themed cupcakes and sandwiches which were delicious.

After the keynotes were finished, there was a question and answer session hosted by Jim Milne from Innovation Martlesham and featured guest speakers from the tech area to answer questions and queries about the direction that Google is taking and there were some very interesting discussions about the nurturing role we can all take with young people to help encourage a new generation of UK based IT expertise.

For those of us that waited until the very end of the evening, we were very pleasantly surprised to receive our very own Google Cardboard to take away.

Google Cardboard is a VR system developed by Google engineers David Coz and Damien Henry in their 20% time. It was first released at Google I/O 2014 developers conference.

Google Cardboard

This year, Google have updated ‘Cardboard’ to support phones of up to 6 inches screen size and now it works with the Apple iPhone (but check your screen size is big enough!). Google Cardboard headsets cost about £12 to construct and the plans and specifications are freely available to buy online for about a tenner.

They are very simple to use, you install the Google Cardboard app on your smartphone, then slide it into the back of the ‘device’. There is normally an NFC tag with the headset which automatically identifies itself and tells your phone it is ready to work in ‘3d’.

The two lenses built into Cardboard focus onto the screen on the phone and produces the impression of stereoscopic 3d.

The apps are the real gem in the whole idea and there are hundreds available and most provide and incredibly immersive experience, it’s a fantastic opportunity to try out VR and at a low entry cost it means it’s accessible to everyone with compatible smartphone.

Thanks to Mark Thomas and everyone at Coderus for the evening, it was very interesting. You can find out more about the company by visiting their website here or following them on Twitter here


OnePlus One 64gb Sandstone Black – Giveaway now over


Thanks for those that took part.

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Your codes are on their way via email.

The OnePlus One is the most talked about handset in the world at the moment. With breathtaking specifications at a very affordable price, the OnePlus One is ONLY available by invitation!

The giveaway finished at MIDNIGHT 29th August 2014