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Apple WWDC 2016 Watch Party comes to Adastral Park

Following successful events featuring Microsoft and Google, Coderus and Innovation Martlesham are hosting the Apple WWDC Watch Party at Adastral Park in Ipswich, sponsored by BT and the IP Network.

The event is being held at the John Bray Lecture Theatre on
Monday 13th June 2016 from 4.30pm – 9pm and features Apple demos and the chance to network, the live streamed Keynote starts at 6pm with a panel discussion at 7.45pm with the event wrapping up at 9pm.

We’re told that places are limited and registration closes on
12th June 2016, so if you are interested in attending you will need to REGISTER soon!

This is a FREE event, but because Adastral Park is a secure site attendance is by registration only. Upon registration attendees will be issued a security pass, which must be shown on arrival.

4.30 – Door Open
4.45 – Apple Demos & Networking
5.45 – Move to Auditoium
6.00 – Keynote Presentations (Live Stream)
7.30 – Keynote Finish (subject to change) – break
7.45 – Panel Discussion
9.00 – Close

To register for the event, click HERE or contact Coderus to discuss your requirements.

The Gadget Man – Episode 64 – LG G4 from Three

This week those very kind people at Three have again supplied us with a gorgeous LG G4 Smart Phone.

The G4’s stand out feature is it’s screen. It improves the QuadHD screen from it’s predecessor, the G3 but brings improvement in colour and brightness. It has a nice loud speaker and the phone controls are on the back of the phone under the camera lens which makes controlling it surprisingly easy.

Both cameras are excellent on the phone, with the rear facing main camera sporting a F1.8 sensor which makes low light photos really clear at it’s 16 megapixels. Coupled with LG’s clever ‘Laser focus’, this is a seriously cool phone.

Find out more about it by listening to the stream, more detailed review is coming soon!!!

Thanks again to Jocelyn Medhurst at COW PR who is super helpful indeed!!

The Gadget man Episode 58 Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine Plugin Hybrid

This week we move back to hybrid cars with the Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine Plug in Hybrid vehicle. The D6 is unique as it is a Diesel – Electric Hybrid rather than the standard Petrol Electric that we are used to.

This is a very powerful snappy car, at full ‘Power’ mode it is outputting a combined 280bhp and you certainly feel it. Along with beautiful ride, upholstery and fuel efficiency, I can see this being very popular in the company car sector.

We will be reviewing it in greater detail soon online, but in the meantime, listen in the the stream from Monday 13th July.


The Gadget Man – Episode 54 – Aquamassage XL-250 Pro from InvigR8 Ipswich

This week I talk to Mark about the Aqua-Massage XL-250 Pro, a dry hydro-massage system. The massage is dry because the water used to massage your body from top to bottom is safely sealed away behind a waterproof membrane.

This means, that other than removing your shoes, you can stay fully clothed when having your massage. As you can see from the video below, the Aqua Massage uses a high pressure water system to massage your body, these massages can be fully customisable to your needs and is mean’t to be up to 4 times more efficient that a normal massage, plus you don’t need to get undress or have to shower afterwards.

In fact after a restful drink of chilled water, we were ready to get back to work. This makes for a very useful option for todays time precious world, you can benefit from a full massage, but without taking hours out of your day.

A 15 minute Aqua Massage is available from InvigR8 for for £15, we thought it was amazing value for money and we think you will to!

What’s more, InvigR8 are giving away 5 FREE 15 Sessions on the AquaMassage, to win the chance to try out this amazing equipment, enter use the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions of Entry

To enter, please visit InvigR8 on Facebook to find out more about their business, for an additional chance to win, follow us on Twitter.

There are 5 sessions to give away, please only enter if you are able to visit their Spa in Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom. There is no cash alternative to this prize. If you are the lucky winner, you will be emailed with your special password which you will need to quote when contacting InvigrR8 to book your massage session.

This competition is NOT affiliated with the BBC or it’s partners and is being delivered by InvigR8 Ipswich. The competition opens on Monday 15th June 2015 and closes at midnight on Friday 19th June 2015.

The winners will be published here

Thanks to Kay and Richard for allowing us to try out the Aqua Massage.

The Gadget Man Episode 19 – C63 AMG Edition 507

This week Matt chats to Mark Matthews about the AMG Drive Experience he attended at the weekend at Ipswich Mercedes.

Find out what it’s like to ride in a 507bhp car electronically limited to 174mph!!!

Big thanks to Carl Beer and everyone else at Lancaster Mercedes who made the experience so memorable!!

Gadget Man – Episode 13 – Renault Twizy

This week Mark and Matt chat about the Renault Twizy 2 seater electric car.

Matt spent a day reviewing the vehicle last week and today he tells us how he got on with this unique, quirky little vehicle.

Thank you very much to Peter Frost at Bristos in Ipswich for the loan of the Twizy.

The Smart Ebike from Mercedes Benz – Update July 2020

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Smart eBike Support in the UK – 1 July 2020

I get quite a large number of messages in the UK requesting assistance with the Smart eBike. Whilst I am also an eBike owner, I also fall into the category of everyone else with regard to problem-solving and troubleshooting issues with our bikes. I have actually reached out to Mercedes Benz and highlighted the issue of ongoing support from them on these bikes, which of course cost all of us a fairly hefty sum of money at the time of purchase. 

Personally, I have struggled to get support with my bike and had to bend several peoples eardrums to get a result after feeling left high-and-dry in the event of needing assistance. I personally was successful getting the repair work done on my Smart eBike whilst also having a Firmware update to boot. The technician at Smart was very helpful and in fact, was excited to be involved in the maintenance of a vehicle that was no longer manufactured. This involved the installation of software on his PC and connection directly to the bike. It might well be a good time for Smart to release this software into the public domain to allow for their customers to continue to maintain their bikes for years to come.

This does continue to feel unfair as I have (like many others) approached bike repair shops for assistance and have got absolutely nowhere! So indeed the only port of call continues to be Mercedes Benz themselves.

So, the official line is that in event of any issues with your Smart eBike, you should contact Mercedes-Benz Customer Care on the following email address [email protected].  I am reliably informed that you will be assisted with your query.

You can also view the Smart eBike Owners manual online using this link. Now read on!!

Matt Porter – 1 July 2020

Last Saturday I visited Lancaster Mercedes in Ipswich, an hour later I left with a beautifully designed and engineered German machine. But this wasn’t an AMG SLK, this was the ‘smart e-bike’.
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