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Gadget Man – Episode 173 – Repair your own Apple devices?

I’m back again for a new episode of the podcast which features me chatting to Lesley Dolphin at BBC Radio Suffolk about Apples plans to allow their devices to be repaired.

Pretty much everyone is in shock at this decision, which isn’t quite as welcome as it could be.

Listen in to the stream to find out more!


Gadget Man – Episode 136 – What is happening to iTunes?

Apple has now officially announced that they are splitting the iTunes app into THREE different services in the next few months.

The 3 apps will focus on Music, TV and Podcasts and will finally separate these services from the iTunes app which was initially written synchronise copy-protected music to and from the first iPods.

Apple WWDC19
Apple WWDC19 – Image Credit: Apple Inc

Listen in to my interview with James Hazell on BBC Radio Suffolk to find out what iTunes was and what it will become in the near future.

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Best gadgets for Valentine’s Day gift 2018

It is already February and you know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you aren’t a romantic person and you don’t feel like wasting money on chocolate hearts and flowers I have few ideas you can use. Here are most interesting presents you can give for Valentine’s Day which are useful, cool and very interesting.

Prynt Pocket photo printer for iPhone

I assume that your better half loves to take pictures and her iPhone memory is always full so this little printer can help her pick the best ones for her wallet or even phone case. The printer is small, light and the best part about it is the fact that each picture is actually a sticker so she can literally make a phone case out of the dearest photos. I am pretty certain you can score with this smart gadget this Valentine.

Leather tassel charging cable

This leather tassel may not be as attractive as the photo printer but it is one of the most useful and best-looking things she will own. It is a keychain and it looks like those modern keychains everybody is buying, but it is also a charging cable. Basically, it means that she can connect her phone to the laptop whenever she wants and wherever she wants. The best part – she will look amazing doing it 😀

Foosball iPad stand

Now, this is more like a present for the male population than for female, but who says that men can’t get Valentine’s Day present? Foosball iPad stand is a combination of virtual foosball and real foosball (but pocket version). It is a gadget that looks like a foosball table but without the field. Yes, the gadget has 4 legs, 3 scoring systems, and 8 rods, 4 on each side and the field is actually your iPad. If your loved one doesn’t have room for foosball table but he really-really wants one; I would recommend this foosball gadget!

R2-D2 App-Enabled Sphero Droid

This is the droid for everybody! If you say that you don’t want to have your own R2D2, you are lying. It is like you are saying you don’t want a cake for your birthday! This droid may be a toy, but it has so many details that really looks like R2 and I am sure that there are more grown-ups with this gadget than kids. For every Star Wars fan is a dream to have this little beepy droid and you can make this dream come true. Yes, I said beeply, because the gadget produces sounds just like the real R2D2.

Gadgets like the ones on the list are interesting and useful so they are the perfect present for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day. When you wrap them in hearts and chocolate you will surprise and impress your loved one because you will show that you made an effort and this year, thought outside of the box! Happy Valentine’s!

Author bio:

Mark is a foosball blogger who has a blog about the most addictive game table in the world. His blog, the FoosballZone is the best place for all foosers and people who want to be that. If you want to learn more about foosball tables, or history of foosball, visit his blog because it has everything you need to know. If you want to check out his work, visit his site and detailed post about Tornado table features.

Gadget Man – Episode 91 – ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 – A Great Alternative To The Obvious (with Podcast)

ASUS Zenpad 3s 10
Aluminium construction with etched logo make the device appear luxurious and high end.

I’m a real fan of tablet computers. I love being able to comfortably read eBooks, magazines and news websites. I love watching streaming movies and catching up on TV either on the move on in the comfort of my home.


Make no mistake, modern smartphones are great for most of these things too, but the tablet gives you the extra space to comfortably read digital versions of magazine in (almost) their intended footprint. This is possibly what has driven the gradual increase in screen sizes on both phones and tablets, becoming a replacement for our televisions and with it changing the way we watch video.

Having dominated the tablet market for so long, the iPad in all it’s various sizes is a hard act to match let alone beat! I’ve tried contenders in the past from Nokia and Samsung, both promised great things, but stumbled where it mattered most, performance.

ASUS Zenpad 3s 10
The ASUS Zenpad 3s 10 has a great screen, it’s 4/3 ratio is great for surfing the net.

The Asus ZenPad 3s 10 definitely ticks every box with it’s performance packing a Hexa-core CPU (basically 6 CPUS packed on one chip), 4Gb of RAM, 32 or 64Gb of data storage, SUPER bright 9.7 inch IPS LCD Screen with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. Around the screen is in incredibly thin bezel, so although it shares the same size screen with the iPad, it is in fact slightly smaller to hold. Inbuilt stereos speakers with DTS Surround Sound gives a really nice (and loud) audio experience too. The case is made from aluminum with front (5 MP) and rear cameras (8 MP), the rear camera features Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, and panorama with both cameras able to record 1080p video. Charging the ZenPad is possible with the supplied USB-C Cable and Fast Charger, able to restore the battery from zero to 83% in 30 minutes. Security is provided by the integrated fingerprint reader which is seamlessly embedded in the front central button.

Also supplied is a small stand which allows you to prop the tablet whilst watching it, I tried this twice and felt the cardboard material used to make it wasn’t really strong enough for extended us.
Asus have bundled masses of software along with the Google suite of apps such as GMail, Google Documents, Maps etc. They have modified the stock Android experience and allowed lots of customisation to suite everyone’s taste.

ASUS Zenpad 3s 10
The Zenpad has an 8MP rear camera capable of capturing 1080p

Using the Zenpad was really impressive, they have gone with a 4×3 screen ratio which has been popular with the iPad since launch. In my experience 16×9 is better for viewing movies in widescreen, so you do get the extra bars at the top and bottom of the screen which watching video, but it’s when you use the tablet for surfing, Facebook, Twitter and especially reading that you see the benefit of the extra screen width.

ASUS have gone to a lot of trouble to make a luxury product that weighs 430g and is 5.8mm thick with diamond cut bevels and nicely etched logo on the back. It really feels and looks expensive, colours are really bright, but not over saturated and the hexacore processor makes just about any task completed in a instant. It’s a great device, possibly one of the best I’ve used so far across the board.

ASUS Zenpad 3s 10
The UHD screen is perfect for reproducing sharp bright images.

At roughly £299, the Zenpad comes in at roughly £100 cheaper that the iPad Air and in fairness to both it performs admirably and in some cases improves on the Apple device. It is a fabulous device at a great price.


It really is a great alternative to the obvious and I would encourage people to check out these devices if they are looking for iPad alternative at a slightly more affordable price.

Apple WWDC 2016 Watch Party comes to Adastral Park

Following successful events featuring Microsoft and Google, Coderus and Innovation Martlesham are hosting the Apple WWDC Watch Party at Adastral Park in Ipswich, sponsored by BT and the IP Network.

The event is being held at the John Bray Lecture Theatre on
Monday 13th June 2016 from 4.30pm – 9pm and features Apple demos and the chance to network, the live streamed Keynote starts at 6pm with a panel discussion at 7.45pm with the event wrapping up at 9pm.

We’re told that places are limited and registration closes on
12th June 2016, so if you are interested in attending you will need to REGISTER soon!

This is a FREE event, but because Adastral Park is a secure site attendance is by registration only. Upon registration attendees will be issued a security pass, which must be shown on arrival.

4.30 – Door Open
4.45 – Apple Demos & Networking
5.45 – Move to Auditoium
6.00 – Keynote Presentations (Live Stream)
7.30 – Keynote Finish (subject to change) – break
7.45 – Panel Discussion
9.00 – Close

To register for the event, click HERE or contact Coderus to discuss your requirements.