Matt Porter interviews Charles Bunker

The Gadget Man General Election Special Part Three – We Love Hitchin Interviews – Charles Bunker Reform UK Party Candidate for Hitchin Constituency

The We Love Hitchin Interviews 2024 were conducted by Gadget Man, Matt Porter, the founder of We Love Hitchin. Matt took the initiative to interview each candidate running for the Hitchin Constituency in the General Election, providing an in-depth look at their visions and plans for the community.

Welcome to the We Love Hitchin Interviews 2024! As part of our series, we are sitting down with each candidate running for the Hitchin Constituency in the upcoming General Election on the 4th of July 2024. In this interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with Charles Bunker, the Reform Party candidate for Hitchin.

Join us as we delve into Charles Bunker’s vision for Hitchin, exploring his plans for economic stability, public safety, and community development. Discover his stance on key issues such as infrastructure, business support, and education. Charles shares his dedication to fostering a prosperous and secure future for Hitchin and its residents.


Interview Breakdown

00:00 Opening Titles 00:12 Important Message regarding the video recording 01:12 Introduction by Matt Porter, Founder of We Love Hitchin 01:07 Welcome Charles Bunker

  • 01:51 Background and Motivation: Charles discusses his background and what motivated him to run as a candidate for Hitchin.

06:50 Cost of Living Crisis

  • 06:53 Q1: What new policies will Reform UK introduce to help families struggling with the cost of living?
  • 07:10 A1: Charles’s response detailing the proposed measures.

11:23 Q2: NHS and Healthcare

  • 11:42 A2: Charles outlines Reform UK’s plans to fix issues within the NHS, including appointment wait times and staffing shortages.

18:04 Q3: Economy

  • 18:20 A3: Charles discusses strategies for addressing inflation, unemployment, and economic stability.

22:26 Q4: Climate Change and The Environment

  • 23:01 A4: Charles’s vision for tackling climate change and improving environmental policies.

29:10 Q5: Crime

  • 29:30 A5: Plans to enhance public safety and improve law enforcement effectiveness.

33:30 Q6: Housing

  • 34:12 A6: Measures to address housing affordability and availability, especially for younger people and those on lower incomes.

40:48 Q7: Roads

  • 41:22 A7: Addressing the appalling state of the roads and infrastructure improvements.

Community Questions

42:50 Andrea’s Question on Water Companies

  • 43:10 CQA1: Charles’s response to bringing water companies back into public ownership.

43:39 Martin’s Question on Artificial Intelligence

  • 43:50 CQA2: Charles’s thoughts on AI and ensuring its safe use.

45:40 Nyland and Lauren’s Question on Gaza War

  • 46:28 CQA3: Charles’s stance on providing arms or assistance in the Gaza conflict and recognizing Palestine.

49:34 Jeremy’s Question on Digital Currency

  • 50:00 CQA4: Charles’s perspective on digital currency and its implications.

52:50 Vanessa and Nicola’s Question on Special Education Needs

  • 53:53 CQA4: Charles addresses concerns regarding SEN provision and pledges improved support and resources.

57:33 Reform UK Questions

57:33 Nigel’s Question on Bureaucracy

  • 59:00 RUKA1: Charles’s response about reducing bureaucracy.

01:00:00 Question on Bureaucracy

  • 01:00:38 RUKA2: Additional plans for reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

01:02:00 Charles Addresses the Voters

  • 01:02:36: Charles makes his closing appeal to the voters.

01:03:20 Thanks and Wrapping Up 01:04:07 End Titles

Election Results for Hitchin Constituency 2024

The General Election results for the Hitchin Constituency have been announced. Here are the final tallies:

  • Bim Afolami (The Conservative Party Candidate): 14,958 votes
  • Charles Bunker (Reform UK): 6,760 votes
  • Sid Cordle (Christian Peoples Alliance): 181 votes
  • Will Lavin (Green Party): 2,631 votes
  • Chris Lucas (Liberal Democrats): 4,913 votes
  • Alistair Strathern (Labour Party): 23,067 votes – Elected

Congratulations to Alistair Strathern, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Hitchin! His victory marks a significant shift in the constituency, and we look forward to seeing his plans for Hitchin come to fruition.

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