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The Gadget Man – Episode 28 – Anki-Drive, the Best of Both Worlds – Updated with purchase links

This morning’s gadget slot was probably the most fun we’ve had so far!! Today I featured the Anki Drive  a physical car racing game which effortlessly merges the real world with arcade racing and adds buckets of artificial intelligence.

You can buy Ankidrive online direct from Amazon by clicking the image below….

Both Mark and myself can vouch how quickly it can be unrolled and set up as I managed while a song was playing.  I haven’t even touched on what you can do with this ‘racing game’, but I can tell you I was seriously impressed!! Full written review coming soon, in the meantime listen to the attached audio stream and the short video filmed by the lovely Jaimielee.

Thanks to the wonderful Lauren Armour at Hotwire PR for getting this over to me at such short notice!!!

All bases are covered with the BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow

As a father myself, I know how stressful is can be having a newborn baby in the house, especially when you are a new parent. Baby monitors have been the must have purchase for new parents and they have evolved amazingly over the years.

Continue reading All bases are covered with the BT Video Baby Monitor 7500 Lightshow

The Gadget Man – Episode 27 – Parrot Jumping Sumo Minidrone

This week we have lots of fun in the studio with the Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini Drone.

Packed FULL of sensors and technology including a spring which can be fired on demand to propel the Sumo into the air, this is a really cool Christmas gift for your over 14 year old.

You can control the Jumping Sumo using a smartphone app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. This allows for full control over the  Jumping Sumo similar to a remote control vehicle.

You can also build a road map within the map so the bot can perform a pre-programmed display.

It’s all great fun and can be bought for just over £100.

Thanks to Steve Puddle for his help organising the loan of the Jumping Sumo

The Gadget Man – Episode 26 – Smart Phones for Vision Impaired People

This week we discussed the availability of mobile phone devices for vision impaired people.

Matt specifically discussed the assistance provided by phone manufacturers in the form of ‘Easy Mode’ and ‘Accessibility’ options. We also discussed addons such as ‘Georgiephone’ and screen readers.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Silver
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Silver

There was also some discussion on the development of active screens that actually change shape to provide haptic feedback.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was specifically mentioned as it provides Easy Mode and Accessibility features such as Magnify Glass, Torch and easy to read buttons.

Listen to the stream to find out more and I have attached a photo of the Alpha in Easy Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha in Easy Mode
Samsung Galaxy Alpha in Easy Mode


The Gadget Man – Episode 25 – Selfie Sticks

Another Selfie Stick assisted Selfy
Another Selfie Stick assisted Selfy

They’re all the rage at the moment and it looks like they could be the gadget gift choice for this Christmas….


Yes, I’m talking about the Selfie Stick, GoPole, Monopole or Monopod.

These are telescopic poles that allow for the fitting of a camera at the end. Some include inbuilt shutter buttons, others are sold separately.

Listen to the recording of the show to find out whether selfies can replace autographs.


The Gadget Man – Are these really breached webcam and baby monitor’s or simply webcams that need a password?

There’s been lots in the news this morning about the the Russian website providing a directory of ‘open’ cameras on the web.


Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniTo be clear, this website is showing camera’s that DO NOT have any security applied to them. Lists of such camera’s have been widely available on the internet for a couple of years now. If you connect such a web based camera to the internet with no password, you are simply  producing a public web page that display video to the world.

I have looked myself and found that most of the cameras are set up to either monitor pets, property, businesses or in some cases children’s bedrooms. I suggest the monitoring of your childrens bedrooms should be taken very seriously indeed. If you are currently using a camera to monitor your child, you should ALWAYS ensure that there are very strong passwords applied to the camera (Strong passwords can be found here).

If you are in any doubt at all that your camera is not secure, switch it off and contact the supplier for information on how to do this.

As the site says, if you want to be removed from the site, just set your password!

I discuss this with Mark Murphy on BBC Radio Suffolk on 20th November 2014.


The Gadget Man – Episode 24 – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Three and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Black | 2GB Data, 600 Minutes
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

This week Mark and I chat about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Three and also the Galaxy Alpha. There is so much to talk about with these devices, so full online reviews will be uploaded soon!!

Thanks to Jocelyn Medhurst at Cow PR for providing me with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Three sim to test it with!!

Thanks also to Laura Gale at Kazoo who provided the Galaxy Alpha as well as lots of other tech in the past!!

I took a selfie of myself and Mark, which is attached below, I think I can safely say that isn’t my best side!!

Mark Murphy and Matt Porter Wide Selfie
Mark Murphy and Matt Porter Wide Selfie

The Gadget Man – Episode 23 – BT Smart Home Cam 100

This week I chat about the BT Smart Home Cam 100 as nice wireless video camera capable of broadcasting at high definition (720p). It’s nice a simple to set up and you can view the footage using either Android, iPhone or via the web portal. Full review will be posted here soon, in the meantime listen to what I had to say about it.

Massive thanks to Laura from Kazoo for arranging the loan of the camera.

We also has a brief conversation about attaching camera’s to pets, below is the video I mentioned in the recording… Enjoy!

BMW i8 – I just stepped into the future

BMW i8
The BMW i8

BMW have just released a game changing sports car, a vehicle with the performance of a super car and the fuel consumption better than… well, anything on the market. Let me introduce you to the BMW i8. Continue reading BMW i8 – I just stepped into the future

Hello Zoe!! Breathe easy with the whisper quiet family sized electric vehicle from Renault

We were very lucky to have been given the opportunity to review the Renault Twizy, so upon arrival at Bristo’s Ipswich  we were really looking forward to trying out the full sized family friendly electric car from Renault. We are of course referring to the Zoe. Continue reading Hello Zoe!! Breathe easy with the whisper quiet family sized electric vehicle from Renault