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The Gadget Man – Episode 86 – Tesla Model S P85D – Auto Pilot

The Gadget Man - Episode 86 - Tesla Model S P85D - Auto Pilot
The Gadget Man – Episode 86 – Tesla Model S P85D – Auto Pilot

I have been driving the latest Tesla Model S P85D over the past few days, specifically to experience software update 7.1 and the improvements to Autopilot functionality.


Tesla Model S P85D
Tesla Model S P85D

We discussed the technology behind Tesla Autopilot and also the future of autonomous and driverless cars.


You can listen to a recording of the stream and find out what we thought.


The Gadget Man – Tesla Model S P85D – Autopilot – Part 1 – Auto Park

I thought I would post a short video showing the Tesla Model S P85D performing an Auto Park manoeuvre. This will hopefully form a series of posts and videos detailing the new updates to the car which include ‘Autopilot’ which is basically an advanced cruise control system. In the meantime, enjoy…

The Gadget Man – Tesla ‘Summon’ Mode now enabled with 7.1 software update

We’re going to be reviewing the Auto Pilot functionality of the Tesla Model S at the end of January 2016 and I’m not completely certain the UK model will have this functionality, but it looks as though the promised upgrade to allow for ‘Summon’ mode has been released in the wild.

According to a number of websites, Summon Mode allows for driverless parking in a recognised parking space or garage and summoning of a vehicle from 39 feet away along with integration with automatic garage doors. I seems that you can now park your car in spaces you reduced access and summon your car from it’s garage.

The video’s below illustrate both parking and summoning of the Model S from a garage. Below that is the video of the ‘Snake’ charger that we hope will be released soon.

I have the P85D for a few days to review at the end of January, so I’ll report back on both Autopilot and the release times for ‘Summon Mode’ in the UK