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Google Chromecast,

Here at Gadget Man, we appear to go for the heavy hitters. I don’t think we’ve looked at a device that is below £100 yet, so today we’re going to change the pace with an insanely cool piece of affordable tech. Let’s take a look at the Chromecast. Continue reading Google Chromecast,

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, amazing zoom and functionality

If you’re looking for a decent camera with the functionality and ease of access commonly associated with the Android operating system, you may be in luck with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.  Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, amazing zoom and functionality

Gadget Man – Episode 6 – Smart Ebike, My Puppy Maths and Money, Go Pro Hero 3, Sony Action Cam and Drone talk

The electric bike mega test continues with the smart ebike from Lancaster Mercedes in Ipswich. We review My Puppy Maths and Money from Ipswich Building Society. Chat about Go Pro’s and Sony Actioncam’s and talk about drones filming from the air.

If you want to listen to a recording of this episode scroll to the bottom of the story

For more information about My Puppy Maths and Money click here

Here is James Hazell’s drone footage from Suffolk Coast Day

BBC Radio Suffolk Coast Day from Merlin on Vimeo.

Here is the footage of 4th of July fireworks from a drone in the USA

Finding your car with mobile Apps

Have you ever lost your car in he car park after coming back from shopping?

I have, I spent an hour looking around the wrong car park in Welwyn Garden City once…. How silly is that?

Listen to Matt talking to Mark Murphy about Car Finder apps.

Sony Smartband…. This could be the wearable of the year!

When we received the Sony Smartband along with an Xperia Z2, it left us in a bit of a quandry.

The Xperia Z2 is a very nicely designed big screen handset, with lovely  stereo sound and expansive bright screen. In fact all of the features that make you want to pick it up and play with it.
Continue reading Sony Smartband…. This could be the wearable of the year!

Festival Season is here, does the Moto G save the day?

Moto G AppsWith the ‘Festival Season’ now is full swing and Glastonbury now just a faint memory, music lovers now look forward to ‘T in the Park’ on the 11th July.

What people can expect for certain is that the coming weeks are going to provide people with the chance to see their rock idols in amazing locations and share that experience with thousands of other fans!
Continue reading Festival Season is here, does the Moto G save the day?

Gadget Man – Episode 5 – Sparta ION/RX Electric Bike

This week Matt talks about his experiences testing the Sparta ION/RX Electric Bike. Is there a future for electric bikes? Are they a legitimate replacement for Cars or Motorcycles? Have a listen and find out for yourself. If you want to know more about Matt’s review, you can read all about it here.

Thanks again to for providing us with the bike. If you are interested in purchasing an electric bike, James at Justebikes in Leiston on 01728 830 817 or London on 0208 960 9848. He has a vast range of models in his showrooms to suit every taste.

This is no ordinary bike.. This is Sparta!!

Sparta E-Bike from until now, we have been concentrating our Gadget reviews on traditional mobile technology such as Smart Phones and Wearables. However, gadgets aren’t just limited to those which we carry in our pockets or even on our wrists, they can cover a whole range of uses, covering personal, business and pleasure.
Continue reading This is no ordinary bike.. This is Sparta!!

Sony Xperia Z2, a sight to behold!

The Sony Xperia phones have always been a sight to behold, and they run well. But does it keep up with the other phones we’ve reviewed so far? Find out now as, today, we delve into the Sony Xperia Z2.
Continue reading Sony Xperia Z2, a sight to behold!

A Perplexing Gadget???

Having received a sparkling electric bike from Just-e-bikes, we are happy to report that controlling an electronically assisted bike is very similar to riding a standard bike, just a lot easier.

Continue reading A Perplexing Gadget???