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The Gadget Man – Episode 40 – Sony Smartwatch 3

Today we look at one of the newest of the Android Wear devices to hit the market. We’re looking at the Sony Smartwatch 3. A great device with an amazing Transflective display.

If you are looking for an Android compatible smart watch, then the Sony Smartwatch 3 could be for you.

Listen to the stream and find out what I thought of it with a nice little demonstration live on air!!


The Gadget Man – Episode 39 – Volkswagen e-Golf Electric Vehicle

This week we talk about at the Volkswagen e-Golf, a really superb electric vehicle which successfully bridged the gap from traditional petrol or diesel car to fully fledged electric car.

This really was a superb vehicle on every level, the handling was just amazing. It was incredibly easy to drive and once I had got the handle of ‘Park Pilot’, that too was amazing. A really great car, and a head turner too!.

Thanks to VW Press Office for supplying the car with everything I would ever need and thanks to the two delivery drivers who were equally polite and helpful.

Dont forget to listen to the stream above, and wait for the full review coming soon!

The Gadget Man – Episode 38 – Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plus Charge Woes at Waitrose

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

This week I chat to Mark about the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV an absolutely superb four wheel drive plugin hybrid electric vehicle.

I loved driving this vehicle, it was so easy to drive and manoeuvre  and is packed to the brim with it’s own gadgets.

Listen to the stream and find out more, a full in depth review is coming soon on here, so keep checking back!!

Thanks to Mitsubishi Press Office for being so kind by lending us the vehicle!!

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, plugin port
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, plugin port
Charging Woes at Waitrose
Charging Woes at Waitrose

We also chatted about blocked charge bays at Waitrose. This is something I continue to witness (see above, the Golf is fully electric).

Waitrose were approached to comment on this and replied below:-

‘Our Ips​wi​​ch ​shop has four dedicated parking bays for customers to charge their electric cars whilst shopping in-store​.  W​​hile we are
not aware of any misuse of the electric charging bays, we will continue to ​regularly ​monitor the car park to ensure that those who require charging, can do so.’

Waitrose spokesperson

The Gadget Man – Episode 37 – Dyson Hot + Cool Air Multiplier AM05

This week, we talk about and demonstrate the Dyson Hot+Cool Air Multiplier. This is Dyson take on the heating and cooling fan. It is bladeless and quite quiet, it’s also great at quickly heating a space.

Find out what we thought about it by listening to the stream above.

Thanks to Dyson for providing the fan and also for offering to show us all they have to offer!!

The Gadget Man – Are TV’s Listening to our Private Conversations? plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner on the Rampage!!!

A couple of news stories this morning caught the public’s attention. The first related to Samsung TV’s and privacy concerns. The second told the story of a South Korean woman having her hair devoured by a robot vacuum cleaner.

I chat to Mark Murphy at BBC Radio Suffolk to find out more.

Listen to the link above to find out the facts!!

Photo: khan news

The Gadget Man – Episode 36 – Nissan Leaf Tekna – Pure Electric Vehicle

This week I was delighted to be able to test the Nissan Leaf Tekna. This is a very nice pure electric hatchback and I have really enjoyed driving it.

Listen to the stream above and find out what I thought about it, we also talked at length about the practicalities of driving an electric car especially with the sub hundred mile ranges many EV drivers experience at the moment.

Massive thanks to Nissan Press Office for providing the vehicle and the their support.

Tesla Model S P85+ The future is bright red, the future is pure electric and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds!!

When thinking about electric cars, most people conjure up images of 60 sci-fi movies with passengers sitting in a bubble of glass on empty elevated roads. This is very far from the reality of 21st century electric vehicles, which are very similar in look to their petrol drinking cousins and literally bursting at the seams with technology.

Over the past months, I have been given the amazing opportunity to test five of these vehicles, from the quirky two seater Renault Twizy to the awesome BMW i8. However nothing was going to prepare me for the most recent vehicle, designed and built by a Silcon Valley based company headed up by Elon Musk who spends the other half of his day heading up SpaceX, the private space rocket business.

I’m of course talking about the Tesla Model S P85+, a beautiful luxury sports sedan powered purely by electricity.
Continue reading Tesla Model S P85+ The future is bright red, the future is pure electric and accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds!!

Renault Zoe – Test Drive Video

We filmed part of the Renault Zoe test drive last week and have finally managed to get it uploaded to YouTube.


Nokia Lumia 630, your brightly coloured little friend

Nokia have always pushed the envelope with their Lumia devices. Right from the beginning their signature polycarbonate around clear black screens have always given these services a feeling of quality. Now they are owned by Microsoft and the 630 is one of the first devices to be released following being absorbed into the Seattle technology giant. Continue reading Nokia Lumia 630, your brightly coloured little friend

Gadget Man – Episode 10 – GoPro Hero3+ and Sony Actioncam HDR-AS30V

This week we chat about the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and the Sony Actioncam HDR-AS30V, both high end waterproof ‘sports cameras’ and both with their own unique features.

HUGE!! Thanks to Sammy Browning at HotWirePR and Abby Kidd at Consolidated PR for being so helpful in supplying us with the units to test.

An excerpt of Gadget Man was recorded by the GoPro Hero 3+ and is shown below.