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Nokia Lumia 630, your brightly coloured little friend

Nokia have always pushed the envelope with their Lumia devices. Right from the beginning their signature polycarbonate around clear black screens have always given these services a feeling of quality. Now they are owned by Microsoft and the 630 is one of the first devices to be released following being absorbed into the Seattle technology giant. Continue reading Nokia Lumia 630, your brightly coloured little friend

Batribike Granite Pro, two tone kerb appeal that throttles the competition

Continuing on our series of electric bike reviews, we took delivery of a wonderful looking Granite Pro  from UK based electric bike manufacturer Batribike.  It seems the British company has a very handy card up their sleeves when it comes to building electric bikes, read on to find out. Continue reading Batribike Granite Pro, two tone kerb appeal that throttles the competition

Gadget Man – Episode 11 – Batribike Granite Pro – Pedal Assisted Electric Bike with a THROTTLE!!

This week we talk exclusively about the Batribike Granite Pro, a super pedal assisted ebike, with the added feature of a throttle.

We were very impressed by this bike, it was extremely well built, comfortable and the throttle was just an amazing addition for when you want a rest from pedalling, but can happily continue to propel you along at 15mph.

We will be uploading a full review of the Granite Pro in the next couple of days.

I would however like to thank Sue from Batribike for delivering the bike to us personally last week and picking it up again today. It made such a difference having a fully working ebike delivered to our door.

If you are interested in finding out more about Batribike, you can go to their website at http://www.batribike.com or call them on 01427 787774 and don’t forget to tell them Gadget Man referred you 🙂

Gadget Man – Episode 10 – GoPro Hero3+ and Sony Actioncam HDR-AS30V

This week we chat about the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition and the Sony Actioncam HDR-AS30V, both high end waterproof ‘sports cameras’ and both with their own unique features.

HUGE!! Thanks to Sammy Browning at HotWirePR and Abby Kidd at Consolidated PR for being so helpful in supplying us with the units to test.

An excerpt of Gadget Man was recorded by the GoPro Hero 3+ and is shown below.



Gadget Man Episode 9 – iRobot Roomba 880

This week we have been looking at the iRobot Roomba 880 vacuum cleaner. This is a FABULOUS appliance, we are still bowled over at the amazing effectiveness of this cleaner. Both Matt’s office carpet and his carpets at home have never been SO CLEAN!

We will be writing a full review on the Roomba over the next few days, in the meantime. Listen below to Matt and Mark discussing the most amazing gadget!!

Gadget Man – Episode 4 – Nokia Lumia 1520 vs HTC One M8 – Camera Comparison

This week, Matt wraps up his week using the Nokia Lumia 1520 and HTC One M8 phones as possible replacements for cameras.

HTC One M8 from ThreeBoth amazing and beautifully crafted in their own right top end smartphones, it was difficult separating them as they had individual show stopping features.

The Nokia has a simply breathtaking 6 inch screen with amazing camera, the HTC is unbelievably well made and has incredible sound or ‘Boom Sound’ as HTC call it.

If you are looking for  great camera-phone, either will suit your needs, but don’t put away your dedicated camera just yet.

Listen in to find out more.

Thanks to  Nina at Hope & Glory, Nadine at Axicom and Jaycee at Kazoo for the providing us with review devices.

Gadget Man Episode 2 – Samsung Gear 2

This week, we discuss the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch.

Gadget Man – Episode 1 – Samsung Gear 2, Sony Smartwatch 2 and FIFA Official App

gear2.jpg-largeThis week App of the Week becomes Gadget Man. The slot is expanded to include Apps, Gadgets and general Technology related news.

Today, for the first of two episodes, Matt is reviewing the  Gear 2 smart watch from Samsung. We also discuss the Sony Smartwatch 2 we will be reviewed in full in the next couple of weeks and FIFA World Cup 2014 apps.

App of the Week – 7th April 2014 – Evernote

This weeks App of the Week features Evernote, the leading cross platform ‘Note Taking’ app.

We also discussed ‘Selfies’ and took a couple too!

Mark Murphy & Matt Porter in the BBC Radio Suffolk studio
Mark Murphy & Matt Porter in the BBC Radio Suffolk studio

App of the Week – 31st March 2014 – Foursquare

This week we look at Foursquare, a well established ‘check-in’ app which has now matured into one of the most useful apps available if you are looking at places to eat or shop locally.