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The Gadget Man – Episode 66 – Slow Watch, Life is short, be slow

This week, I talk to Mark about the Slow Jo 09 24 hour watch. To hear what I had to say, listen to the audio above and read on!

I am sometimes asked ‘What is a Gadget’, I guess my definition is an object that improves our way of life. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a mobile phone, it can be cars, bikes or any number of different things. When we think about watches, it’s easy to think about the high technology smart watches which integrated GPS and compass pushing information to us in what seems like urgent abundance.

Slow Watches have turned this idea completely on it’s head though, they have produced a range of watches which removes this information overload and replaced it with a radical rethink of how time should be displayed to us, giving the effect of actually slowing it down.

So, how are Slow achieving what seems the impossible? Simply by removing the minute and second hands and placing the twenty four hours of the day on the face. By removing the second and minute immediately removes the urgency of a standard watch, you aren’t counting the minutes and seconds because, well you can’t! Suddenly time appears slower, but they haven’t stopped there. By displaying the full 24 hours of the day in one sweep of the hour hand, means that it has to travel half the speed to achieve that one rotation, this ingenious idea literally means that time is moving a half it’s normal speed.

Obviously at the time of writing it isn’t possible to slow down time in reality, but by placing these physically restraints on the speed the hand moves really does give that impression. On top of the ideas behind the watch, it actually looks really nice too!

In designing the watch, Slow have been very careful to provide a completely uncluttered view of the watch face, perhaps controversially removing the logo and placing it on the back of the watch faithful to the company’s ethos of keeping everything simple and clean.

The watches are available is a variety of designs and two different sizes giving around 34 different watches to choose from. I have been reviewing the Slow Jo 09 38mm watch which comes with a lovely natural coloured face, silver case and soft italian brown leather strap.

Pricing wise, the watches start at £190 with free delivery and can be ordered directly from the Slow Watch web site.

If you are looking for a nice watch, which is as original as you are, then I can’t see you going wrong with the a Slow.

As the founders of the company say, “Be Slow”

Thanks to Christopher Noerskau for supplying me with the Slow Jo 09 to review.

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