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The Gadget Man – Episode 148 – Better Late than… Matt got cut off, Three was down, Vodafone had billing problems and Samsung’s Fingerprint Sensor was bust

Yikes!!! From a few weeks back! Here is Episode 148 where I spoke to James Hazell about Three, Vodafone and Samsung… Oh, I also got cut off from Facetime during the conversation.

All the issues are resolved now, but it should make informative listening.

From Thur 18th October 2019

Image Credit: By comedy_nose under CC BY License


The Gadget Man – Episode 60 – HTC One M9 from Three

This week it’s back to smaller gadgets which brings us to Smart Phones. HTC has been a big player of since the birth of the device category years back. HTC are well known for their high quality aluminium designs with bright screens and fast processors. They have also been one of the leaders in innovation with camera technology with their F2.0 ultra pixel sensors.

Today I chat to Mark about the HTC One M9 which takes the HTC One design and brings further improvements. Listen in to the stream and find out all about the device. A full review will be published here soon.

I would like to thank Three, who supplied the phone for review, It was pleasing to see the 4G icon displayed on the screen and network performance was excellent both using the handset and streaming audio to the Volvo V60 D6 and Audi A3 Sportback etron the phone worked a treat #makeitright

The Gadget Man – Episode 24 – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Three and Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Black | 2GB Data, 600 Minutes
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

This week Mark and I chat about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Three and also the Galaxy Alpha. There is so much to talk about with these devices, so full online reviews will be uploaded soon!!

Thanks to Jocelyn Medhurst at Cow PR for providing me with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Three sim to test it with!!

Thanks also to Laura Gale at Kazoo who provided the Galaxy Alpha as well as lots of other tech in the past!!

I took a selfie of myself and Mark, which is attached below, I think I can safely say that isn’t my best side!!

Mark Murphy and Matt Porter Wide Selfie
Mark Murphy and Matt Porter Wide Selfie