C63 AMG Edition 507

C63 AMG Edition 507 – To Insanity & Beyond!

Some weeks ago we reviewed the Smart Ebike from Lancaster Mercedes in Ipswich. Whilst waiting for the bike to be prepared I got talking to Carl Beer, the After Sales Manager about the Mercedes and AMG range of vehicles.

Most of us know about the Mercedes brand, but many will not be familiar with its high performance division AMG who independently engineer, manufacture and customise Mercedes AMG  vehicles.

C63 AMG Edition 507Carl was kind enough to invite me to their AMG Drive Experience where I had the opportunity to have a number of these amazing vehicles demonstrated to me on informative (and extremely exciting) test drives.

The three vehicles I went out in were the S63 AMG, G63 AMG (or G-Wagon) and the mindblowing  C63 AMG Edition 507. Today I am going to concentrate on the C63  507.

The entry level C Class Mercedes, the C180 Coupe will set you back about £29,000 and gives you a nicely powered (156BHP) car which will get you from 0-60 in around 8.5 seconds and a top speed (on a race track) of 144mph. A very nice car indeed, however….

AMG’s extra special version of the C Class in called the C63 AMG 507 and how very special it is.

The model name hints to the specification of the vehicle, the C defines it’s range at the ‘C’ class, the 63 defines the engine size of 6.3 litres which is a huge difference from the sub 2 litre C180. Finally, the 507 defines the power the engine produces which is 507BHP.

C63 AMG Edition 507This is an insanely powerful car, I didn’t even get to drive it, simply riding along as a passenger, but mark my words this car has unending power giving you super car performance with a 0-60 of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph (and this is electronically limited, I’m told it can reach 190mph if the restriction is removed).

Obviously we didn’t reach anywhere near these speeds, faithfully adhering to our countries speed limits, but never the less getting there was a crazy journey with even the Mercedes employee exclaiming “This car is absolutely amazing!”.

I was pushed right back into the seat by the incredible acceleration  simply pulling out to overtake other vehicle and AMG make some seriously amazing sounding engines!! My journey from Mercedes to Felixstowe and back again was nothing short of one of the most exhilarating driving experiences ever and was a suitable end to my ‘Drive Experience’.

I attempted to film some of my journey, it was difficult to keep the camera steady due to the G-Forces, but hopefully it will give you some idea of what it was like.

So, if you have £68,495 (on the road) handy and are prepared to insure a car that rates as insurance group 50, you will be well pleased buying the C63 AMG Edition 507 from Mercedes Benz.

C63 AMG Edition 507 - To Insanity and Beyond!!
  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Value For Money

I'll take one please!!

This is a serious supercar, but a supercar that is super comfortable and with some fantastic driving aids to boot. We were also able to experience the S63 AMG and the G63 AMG on the day and all three od these vehicles excel at what they do with buckets to spare.

Have you ever wondered why AMG drivers are always grinning?

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