Batribike Granite Pro

Gadget Man – Episode 11 – Batribike Granite Pro – Pedal Assisted Electric Bike with a THROTTLE!!

This week we talk exclusively about the Batribike Granite Pro, a super pedal assisted ebike, with the added feature of a throttle.

We were very impressed by this bike, it was extremely well built, comfortable and the throttle was just an amazing addition for when you want a rest from pedalling, but can happily continue to propel you along at 15mph.

We will be uploading a full review of the Granite Pro in the next couple of days.

I would however like to thank Sue from Batribike for delivering the bike to us personally last week and picking it up again today. It made such a difference having a fully working ebike delivered to our door.

If you are interested in finding out more about Batribike, you can go to their website at or call them on 01427 787774 and don’t forget to tell them Gadget Man referred you 🙂

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