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Top tips for buying gifts for men this holiday season

When buying a gift for a loved one we want to hit the nail on the head. We’ve all had that sinking feeling of unwrapping a gift that really isn’t us. “It’s lovely!” we exclaim, before hiding the offending item at the back of the wardrobe and pretending it shrunk in the wash when asked.

It can be tricky to buy gifts as an adult, as most people will buy things they want or need for themselves. It can be particularly difficult to buy for those of the opposite sex, especially someone who you haven’t known for years, like a new partner or newly acquired friend.

Here are some tips for buying gifts for the men in your life.

Understand them first

The first step to choosing a fool-proof gift for anyone is to consider their needs and interests. Try writing a brainstorm or a list of points about him. Include his job, any hobbies, his biggest passion and what brings him joy.

If he enjoys sport, see if you can get tickets to a game that he’d be interested in. Maybe he has a problem you could help solve? For example, if he gets stiff and achy from sitting at a desk all day a massage gun could be an ideal present.

Don’t overthink it

It’s important to remember that men are simple creatures. Their brains do not work in the same way as women’s, they will not analyse your gifts or go looking for a hidden meaning.

One mistake we often make when buying a present for a man is looking at the gift from our own perspective. We think of over-the-top hand knitted items and homemade collages honouring our time together. Your brother is not going to get excited about a scarf you crochet for him, and equally your boyfriend won’t value a glittery collage. Keep it simple and don’t stress about the finer details. He is unlikely to be bothered, or even notice.

Observe what they like to buy for themselves

Take note of the things he gets for himself. If he buys a lot of video games, a gaming related gift will likely go down well. When a man makes a financial investment in his hobbies, it’s safe to say a gift related to them will be appreciated. If he has a huge trainer collection, a new pair of kicks could be perfect.

Notice how they spend their time

Not all men are big spenders. If your man is a little more reluctant to part with his cash, look at how he spends his time. Whether he’s creative, sports-mad or likes getting his hands dirty, what he gets up to outside of work will be a huge clue as to what kind of gift he might like.