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Glowforge Pro – Making a new Website header graphic using the Glowforge Pro

So I’ve been testing a Glowforge Pro for the last few weeks.

It’s absolutely outstanding technology and I’m really loving it.

I’ve made so many different items using this device, such as boxes, wallets, key fobs, phone stands, acrylic signs, all kinds of stuff It really is amazing.

It does require a bit of imagination and the ability to design stuff, but you can also use the Glowforge library of images as well if you want to.

So what I wanted to do was create a new graphic heading for The Gadget Man website, but by making this heading using a  laser cutter, scan it and then I’ll import it into the website as the new heading.

Watch the video below to find out how I went about it, you can see the resulting graphic at the top of the page!

Full review coming soon!

A selection of leather items I’ve made.