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How to become a taxi driver in the UK

Becoming a taxi driver can be a rewarding career switch or career start. You get to set your own hours, meet and chat to all kinds of people and carry out a valuable service which helps get the public from A to B. But how do you start this career? Below we explore how to become a taxi driver in the UK.

What kind of people are suitable for taxi driving?

Some people are more suited to being a taxi driver than others. There’s the public-facing aspect – those who are friendly and like talking to customers are more likely to succeed. On top of this, you need to be healthy enough to drive around for a long stretch of time each day. And then there’s the directions: you need to have a strong knowledge of the local area, and if not, have map reading skills to compensate.

What qualification do you need?

You need a licence to become a taxi driver. There are two types and It’ll be depending on inside or outside London. Outside of London, you need to apply to your local council for a special licence. To be eligible you’ll undergo a fit and proper persons check (essentially an evaluation of your character and background), plus you’ll need to have been driving for over a year.

Inside London you’ll need to apply to Transport for London (TFL) for a licence. This follows similar tests, but you’ll also need to prove your knowledge of London.

How much money do they make?

In the UK, £14,000-£30,000 is average salary depending on your hours, which can be stretched up to around 43 hours per week.

Buying a taxi

When you buy a taxi, you need to get a perfect one as they will become your work buddy for many years. Think of how much money you can get a profit from, which seat is comfortable for you, what kind of features you are looking for. Passengers will be hoping for a smooth ride, an adjustable temperature depending on the weather and plenty of space to sit. Just make sure you purchase from a reputable taxi seller, that can meet your needs while providing expert aftercare.

Becoming a taxi driver will take dedication and discipline, but by following the above advice you can make a start on taking up this rewarding career.