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Matt Porter, The Gadget Man
Matt Porter, The Gadget Man

Thanks for dropping by, my name is Matt Porter, otherwise known as The Gadget Man. I live in the UK and regularly feature on BBC Radio Suffolk and BBC Guernsey. I also write for three magazines (Iceni, On Our Doorstep and Around Colchester).

I am Always looking to review new technology and actively seek new products to interest my readers and listeners.

If you would like to discuss featuring your product, please fill out the form below or call +447813874428

In the past I have reviewed:-

Sports Cars
Smart Watches
Baby Monitors
Media Streaming Devices
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Smart TV’s
Electric Bikes
Electric Cars

When reviewing products, I normally ask that they are sent to me at your cost and when finished, picked up at your cost.

I ask that they are supplied for at least 2 weeks to allow us to properly review them.

Following completion of my review, I will inform you if the product is likely to be featured. I will then ask you to arrange collection of the item.

If you would like your product featured.

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